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Saweetie Recalls Her “Intimate Space” Being Invaded Amid Rise to Fame

Saweetie‘s journey to fame hasn’t been all that sweet. 

The rapper recently got candid about the toll the pressure of being in the public eye had on her life, particularly as a woman in the industry. “I’ve been stressed out for like the last three years,” Saweetie told Kevin Hart with a laugh during an Aug. 4 episode of his show Hart to Heart.  “The stress with just being a woman, being a woman in the spotlight, you know, it’s like very microscopic.”

She continued, “It’s like, ‘What are you doing with your life?’ Everyone’s micromanaging your moves, making comments, opinions—I wasn’t used to that.”

The “Tap In” artist also shared that one of the most jarring aspects of fame was the interest in her private life. “I’ve always been my true self, however, I’ve controlled that narrative,” Saweetie explained. “Just not showing too much of my personal life, my personality. But the world of the internet, celebrity, paparazzi—people invading into your intimate space…I wasn’t ready for that.”

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