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Save up to $250 on Dyson Vacuums, Hair Tools, and Air Purifying Fans

As the three-day weekend approaches, you may already be browsing through the many Memorial Day Sales which are currently live. If you’ve had your eye on a particular Dyson product, now’s your chance to save on some seriously powerful products domestic appliances. Dyson’s Memorial Day sale is live, offering exclusive discounts on the brand’s popular technology.

Now until Saturday, June 1stThe Dyson Memorial Day sale is offering up to $250 off powerful cordless stick vacuums, air purifying fans, and even some of the brand’s coveted hair care tools.

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Of impressive Cordless vacuum cleaner and salon-quality hair tools for triple threat air cleaner which can act as heaters and fans, it’s no secret that Dyson makes some seriously impressive devices. Dyson products are rarely available for sale. If this is the case, we will definitely take notice.

Dyson hair tools are as famous as their vacuum cleaners and indoor air systems. For the best hair days this summer and beyond: the wireless one Dyson Corrale Hair straighteners and stylers are on sale now for $100 off. The Corrale automatically detects and measures the thickness, texture and length of your hair – and then automatically adjusts its temperature. Plus, the hair straightener is cordless, so you can always get the best angles.

To help you take advantage of the huge savings, we’ve rounded up the best Dyson Memorial Day deals below. Whether you’re never finished Spring cleaning or you want to rid your home of airborne viruses in the meantime Allergy seasonDon’t miss this Dyson sale.

The best deals on Dyson Memorial Day vacuum cleaners

Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner

Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner

With the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner, dust bunnies are a thing of the past. With this vacuum cleaner you can thoroughly clean your carpets and remove dirt from hardwood and tile floors.

Dyson oversize vacuum cleaner

Dyson oversize vacuum cleaner

For thorough cleaning of larger rooms, the Dyson Outsize delivers powerful suction power in a larger format. With a wide cleaning head and large container, it covers more ground with each pass and allows for more thorough cleaning between container emptyings.

The best deals on Dyson Memorial Day hair care

Dyson Airstrait straightener

Dyson Airstrait straightener

The AirStrait uses air pressure technology to dry and straighten all hair types with minimal heat – no heating plates required. Additionally, the straightener features a wet and dry mode with a range of preset temperatures to straighten hair without excessive heat.

Best deals on Dyson Memorial Day air purifiers

Prepare for summer! Check out our ultimate buying guide the best Memorial Day 2024 sales.


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