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Samsung Rejects Apple Over IPad Commercial Fiasco

Every now and then a company is at least a little weird about its late capitalism. Samsung, for example, has released an absolute perfect Diss ad reply on Apple’s latest devastating PR disaster.

Just over a week ago, Apple managed to piss off just about everyone with a new commercial designed to show both how much creativity can be put into the iPad Pro and how thin it is by filming a giant hydraulic press, which crushes all kinds of instruments, technical devices, colors and devices. It was beautifully filmed, in Fincherian silver-blue, and caused enormous outrage at the ill-advised display of decadent waste at a time when people are struggling to feed their children.


Honestly, I doubt for a moment that most people even care (and considering Apple spends tons of money and lobbying to prevent third parties from being able to repair its products, and even prevents parts from being retrieved before recyclingg, while his workers keep going suffer in it terrible conditionsalmost without a fuss, it was embarrassingly performative), but it was a good opportunity to get angry at a brand and it became loud and mainstream enough to force Apple to apologize.

But much more entertaining than a false “We’re so wonderful in every way imaginable, but sometimes our perfection shows the slightest crack and we’re so sorry” apology when other brands screw up. Enter Samsung.

Now of course it’s still just an advertisement for a product whose main purpose is to sell devices and not express the power of human creativity, but wow; As far as the reaction to Apple goes, they nailed it. It’s just so perfectly recreated as our heroic lady makes her way through the rubble left behind by Apple, sitting on the base of the paint-spattered press and doing her sadly banal coffee shop hum.

What fun!

So in 2018, Samsung apologized for the illnesses and deaths among its workers in South Korea and acknowledged that it had failed to “adequately manage the health threats at its factories,” where dozens of its employees have fallen ill with various forms of cancer over the past decade. (Kudos to AP for its tireless campaign and coverage.) It is Environmental Impacts in Korea is pretty amazing too.

Nevertheless, the idea is one Drake and Kendrick Lamar style feud It would be fun to watch the Apple-Samsung fight while the world burns around us.

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