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Ryan Reynolds Brings His Mother to “The View” and Both Watch as Spectators

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Pretty much anything can happen on live television, and that includes having a top-notch actor in the audience during your recording! Ryan Reynolds surprised the hosts of The view when he was spotted with his mother in the audience Tamara Lee on the show during its episode on Monday, June 10. Whoopi Goldberg explained that it was a rare sight to see someone famous not at the Hot Topics table. “It’s not something that happens often. It happens occasionally. How come?” she asked at the start.

When the show began, Whoopi emphasized that she was surprised to see the Free guy Star, who was sitting in the audience, as she looked out at the crowd. “You never know what’s going on here at The view,” she said. “You look over and think, ‘Oh crap, there’s Ryan Reynolds.'”

The camera then panned over to show Ryan and his mother sitting in the audience. He joked that it was much easier to watch the show than to be a guest. “It’s a lot less stressful than being up there,” he joked.

Ryan then explained that while his mother was watching him and Blake Lively’s four children, she mentioned in passing that she would like to see the show live. “My mother is here visiting her grandchildren,” he said. “Yesterday she said, ‘It is my dream to go The view. First of all, I try to do what she says, because you don’t know what she is capable of: unspeakable violence, all my life. I didn’t want to taste the back of her hand, so I said: “Let’s go to The view.’”

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Ryan explained that he mentioned his wife’s name to secure them some prime spots on the show. “We called. I told them, ‘I’m Blake’s husband. I’d love to come The view. Does that get us a little further?'” he said. “I think my mother thought she was on The view Perhaps.”

The Dead Pool The star’s mother’s wish was finally granted when the hosts chatted with her during the episode. She admitted that she watches the show every day and said that she was recording the episode as they spoke. Alyssa Farah Griffin made her the offer to come back anytime. “You are welcome anytime, Mama Reynolds,” she said.

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