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Roon Changed the Way I Listen to Music

I have an extensive music library and try to organize it every few years with no success. Ultimately I would just go back to using foobar2000 or MediaMonkey and manually play every album I want to listen to. Over the years I’ve used a variety of media players and organizers, but most of them were either buggy or overly complicated, so I often spent most of my time tinkering with the settings rather than listening to music.


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In Hardwired, AC Editor-in-Chief Harish Jonnalagadda covers all things hardware, including phones, AV equipment, storage servers and networking products.

When I heard about Roon, I thought it might be exactly the solution I was looking for. I was initially skeptical about the service; It costs $15 per month, $129 per year, or you can get a lifetime license by paying $829 – I thought that was an absurd amount for what is essentially a glorified music player .

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