• Rivian just issued a recall of 127 vehicles, including both the R1T and R1S.
  • The problem stems from an issue on the assembly line where safety stickers were not applied.
  • The car manufacturer sends the stickers to owners by mail.

Rivian has a new, small but important safety recall on its books. 127 of its R1 vehicles, in both SUV and pickup form, are available with the sticker potentially missing. This sticker is an airbag sticker that is placed on the dashboard. Without it, uninformed owners put children and young children at greater risk.

There is a risk that children may be affected by airbags in different ways than adults. Young people who sit rear-facing and are strapped into the front seats are particularly at risk. A deployed airbag could cause serious brain damage or even death to a child sitting in such a rear-facing seat. It’s such a big safety issue that most guidelines recommend that children under 13 always sit in the back seats.

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Rivian says that from February 19, 2024 to March 8, 2024, 127 vehicles that left the factory may not have had the offending sticker. According to the car manufacturer’s estimates, only four percent of the stickers will actually be missing. Interestingly, Rivian discovered the problem during a production audit that found only one vehicle without a sticker.

Those concerned that their vehicle may be part of the recall population can find out for themselves fairly quickly. Take a quick look at the dashboard. If the sticker is present, it is not included. If the sticker is missing, you may be one of the unlucky ones who needs repairs. Interestingly, these people actually have the ability to do this repair themselves.

    Rivian is recalling 127 R1 due to missing stickers, but there is an old-fashioned solution

Rivian could send a technician to fix the problem or ask owners to drive to a service location. However, a far simpler solution was found. The car manufacturer itself sends the sticker in question to the affected owners along with the recall notice. In an automotive landscape full of clever over-the-air recall solutions, this is truly a unique solution that is only available thanks to old-school mail. Expect these letters to arrive on or before June 21, 2024.

Rivian R1S-2 Rivian is recalling 127 R1 due to missing stickers, but there is an old-fashioned solution