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Renault Rafale Gets 300 Hp Atelier Alpine Version

If the new Renault Rafale has passed you by, don’t worry – it’s considered Renault’s flagship coupe SUV, but considering it’s a fairly modest front-wheel drive hybrid, it’s clearly disappointing to look at there is no reason for it. have popped up on your radar. Until now, with the launch of the Rafale E-Tech 4×4 300 HP. Apparently Renault is trying to cover a lot with this name, but from a PH perspective it is missing the important thing, because here is finally a mainstream model that has supposedly benefited from “the support of the experts from the region” “Alpine brand”.

In fact, the uprated “Atelier Alpine” version is said to “push the boundaries of excellence even further in terms of pure driving pleasure” as it not only benefits from the additional power – which introduces a new rear-mounted electric motor that provides adaptive all – Wheel drive – but gets a new active suspension system and a major recalibration of its chassis components, including four-wheel steering. This is obviously significant considering what has resulted in Renault Sport being given free rein to develop its own ‘dampers, springs and bumpers’ in recent years [and] Front and rear stabilizers.

Renault isn’t going into detail about how the self-adjusting suspension system works for now, although the camera mounted on the top of the windscreen is obviously some kind of predictive setup, aimed at optimally adjusting the damping to the road surface directly in front of you. In any case, the Atelier Alpine gets its own chassis control modes: Comfort, Dynamic and Sport are intended to reflect Dieppe’s opinion on what the damping profile and rear wheel steering angles should be – an opinion that usually turns out to be accurate in the real world.

Of course, you’ll still have to settle for buying a hybridized 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, although Renault says this has a new turbocharger to deliver an improved output of 150 horsepower. In combination with the existing 70 hp front electric motor and the 136 hp motor, which is now permanently connected to the rear axle, you get a maximum system output of 300 hp, according to the manufacturer, which means a 0 to 100 km/h time in 6 .4 seconds (compared to 8.9 seconds for the 200 hp E-Tech Hybrid.

So at least it will be fast. And it looks slightly better thanks to the “Satin Summit Blue body, a floating Starry Black spoiler, and special 21-inch Chicane wheels with Continental tires.” Even if the interior doesn’t get anything fancier than “mats in the iconic blue of the arrow-shaped A logo,” it’s probably safe to assume that the entire development budget was spent on it. You won’t complain to us about that – and potential buyers probably won’t sniff at the 62 miles of all-electric WLTP range you get with the 22kWh battery, or the 621 mile total range the car is estimated to have from Renault when will travel A 100 percent charge is combined with a full tank of fuel.

A cheaper Esprit Alpine trim will be available under the Atelier when the Rafale launches, although Renault has declined to provide starting prices at this stage; It promises to fix this next month before making it available for the first time in the fall. With any luck, we would have snuck behind the wheel by then to see if Alpine had managed to recapture the old Renault Sport magic that the company was once famous for. I hope, eh…

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