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Records Tumble in European Cricket League as Rotterdam Scores 222

The European Cricket League is becoming increasingly popular around the world and if it continues like this, it will become a must-watch for all fans. Romanian cricketer Pavel Florin has already become a cult hero with his performances on the field. But the Cricket League is not just about Florin’s unique bowling and batting style.

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On Thursday, VOC Rotterdam delivered a superb batting performance to sweep the German club Findorff off the ground. The German club’s bowlers will surely have sleepless nights as Rotterdam scored an incredible 222 runs in just ten overs without losing a single wicket. The Rotterdam openers were firing on all cylinders, hitting the ball all over the pitch at La Manga Club in Spain.

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The star of the match was Scott Edwards, who scored 137 runs off just 39 balls. He was well supported by his co-opener Max O’Dowd, who scored 74 runs off 25 balls to give Rotterdam the highest score in the history of the European Cricket League.

The previous best score in the 2019 tournament was 133. Rotterdam had reached this mark in 7.1 overs. During the merciless massacre of the Rotterdam openers, none of the bowlers could keep their run rate below 17 runs per over. Hamid Wardak was the most economical bowler, having conceded 35 runs in his two overs.

In turn, Findorff never seemed able to get anywhere near the score, let alone catch up, and ended up at 121 for 9. Farooq Amirie top scored with 45 of his 17 runs. The chase for points included a hat-trick from Rotterdam’s Dirk Van Baren.

This was the first edition of the European Cricket League. Eight teams participated in the inaugural edition. Teams from the Netherlands, Spain and Italy took part in the tournament.

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