Polar’s Latest Sports Watch is Equipped with My Favorite Garmin Feature – so to Speak


Following the release of the Vantage V3 in October 2023, Polar is back today to announce the Polar Grit X2 Pro<!–>which offers the same technologies, sensors and algorithms in a robust watch with improved durability and some new software features designed for an active outdoor lifestyle.

Of all the features that Polar has included with the Grit, however, after further clarification, it turns out that Polar is simply incorporating a white AMOLED display mode, similar to what Apple and Samsung offer on their AMOLED smartwatches. I hope Polar, Coros and Suunto add a real LED flashlight to their outdoor watches one day.

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As far as hardware goes, the Grit features a 22mm watch strap. The grit

A special Titanium edition offers a lighter watch with titanium materials and another leather strap for an additional $50.

–> Polar Grit X2 Pro family



As for the new software features, there is a new breadcrumb navigation feature, VAM average ascent speed for cyclists and 3D speed. Polar promises a software update on April 3rd, the launch date of the Grit X2 Pro, that will also bring these new features to the Vantage V3.

The Grit X2 Pro also features Polar Elixir, which uses the device’s four sensors to collect your data and provide a baseline to motivate you to improve your fitness. The Elixir system includes a first-generation pulse oximeter, ECG and skin temperature sensors, and Polar’s fourth-generation optical heart rate sensor.

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The smartwatch has a 10-day battery life if you don’t do any workouts and turn off the always-on display (you can keep phone notifications and 24/7 heart rate monitoring turned on). Polar says it can deliver 43 hours of battery life in performance training mode and up to 140 hours in eco training mode.

The Polar Grit X2 Pro is available for Pre-order for $749.90–> in night black or stone gray. The titanium version in fall leather and black silicone costs $799.90. A package with the Polar H10 heart rate chest strap costs $869.90. The Polar Grit X2 Pro will be available from April 3rd.

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