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Peugeot 309 GTI | Spotted

We all know how crazy prices have become for the Peugeot 205 GTI, especially for those with livelier 1.9-liter engines. The cheapest on PH at the time of writing is this ‘1.9’ swapped with a Mi16 and fitted with a Dimma body kit for £16,250, while original five-figure mileage cars like this 1992 model easily exceed the £20,000 threshold can. Of course, it was inevitable that values ​​would go through the roof for a car widely regarded as one of the best hot hatches of all time, but this thread from 2013 lamenting 205 for £10,000 shows just how inflated the market really is.

Obviously the car we have here isn’t a 205 GTI, but it’s very close. Launched in early 1987, the 309 GTI was a larger, more family-friendly version of the 205 GTI and featured an extended version of the hatchback’s platform, offering more space in the rear for passengers and luggage – and there was even a five-door option that was never available on the hotter 205s. Some have argued that it’s actually better to drive than the 205 GTI, even though it’s been well overshadowed by its fancier sibling for the last three and a half decades.

By now you might be reaching for the keyboard to comment something along the lines of, “That’s an ugly duckling,” especially in a three-door shape like this. And admittedly it didn’t have an easy time parking next to the perfectly proportioned 205 in showrooms, but the slightly rear-heavy three-box silhouette has a beguiling quirkiness that you just don’t see in cars these days. There is also great rally appeal. Yes, the 205 took two titles in Group B (albeit in the prototype-like T16 class), but the 309 GTI played a key role in shaping the careers of young rally drivers, particularly Richard Burns, who was in the rally’s junior ranks -Class made a name for itself with the three-door hatch.

It’s not like the 309 lacked poke either. All GTIs were equipped with the 205’s 1.9-liter engine, producing an identical 130 hp and 119 Nm of torque. More important were changes to the suspension setup, which contributed to somewhat more neutral driving dynamics. And although the 309 GTI took up a larger footprint than the 205, it was only 20kg heavier.

Of course, the 205 still proved far more popular with buyers than the 309. In the UK, the three-box hatch would only achieve a fraction of the sales of the two-box model, and although HowManyLeft states that over 1,000 205 GTIs were sold in the There are currently 309 GTI registrations on British roads, out of just over 50. So it really is rare, factory-fresh examples like this are even rarer – not least because of their great popularity with tuners in the 90s (Dimma also has one Kit made for the 309). !) and because they didn’t cope well with Britain’s salty winter roads.

Fortunately, this shouldn’t be a problem with this car as the seller says it is corrosion-free and has been treated accordingly. It definitely looks like the previous owner treasured it during his 34 years of car ownership. The plastic bumpers have no fade and the paint (repainted in its original color) looks factory fresh. Admittedly, £15,995 is quite high for a 309 GTI, although its fantastic looks and low mileage should convince a die-hard Peugeot fan. Still a good deal cheaper than the equivalent 205…


Engine: Four-cylinder with 1,905 cm³ displacement
Transmission: Five-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive
Horsepower): 130 at 6,000 rpm
Torque (lb ft): 119 at 4,750 rpm
MPG: 28
CO2: N/A
Year registered: 1990
Mileage recorded: 57,750
Price new: £9,295
Kind regards for: £15,995

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