Patrick Mahomes Asks for Some “recognition” as a “matchmaker” of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift - Latest Global News

Patrick Mahomes Asks for Some “recognition” as a “matchmaker” of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

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Patrick Mahomes receives some recognition for his teammate Travis Kelce Romance with Taylor Swift. The Super Bowl-winning quarterback, 28, revealed that he asked his 34-year-old teammate to come with him to Taylor’s concert before they started dating. In a new interview on, he also revealed that asking the 34-year-old pop star out with a friendship bracelet was also his idea. The Pat McAfee Show on Thursday, May 23rd.

When asked about the tight end’s high-profile relationship with Taylor, Patrick explained that he played the role of “matchmaker” for the pop star and Travis. “I like to take some of the credit for that,” he said. “I was the one who invited Travis to the first Taylor concert with the friendship bracelet. He was sitting in my suite. So I feel like I was the matchmaker.”

Patrick revealed that he also encouraged his teammate to ask Taylor out on a date at the famous “Eras Tour” stop in Kansas City, where Travis revealed that he wanted to give the singer a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it. “I had my objections to that too. I said, ‘Dude, just do it! Just do it.'”

The Chiefs quarterback also revealed that he is very happy about his teammate’s successful romance with Taylor. “You know Travis, man. He’s doing it, and he’s a great guy, and I’m glad it all worked out for the best,” he said during the interview.

Since Travis and Taylor’s romance began to blossom, Patrick and his wife Brittany Mahomes have come closer to the singer. The “Tortured Poets” section The singer has been seen cheering on her partners alongside Brittany throughout the season as they attend Chiefs games. The quarterback has been giving Taylor many compliments since she started dating Travis.

In December, Patrick said he met Taylor in a CBS Morning Interview. “It’s been cool to interact with her and see her push through and become who she is because she’s top-notch at what she does. It’s really cool to hear about it and see it. And now I get a first-hand look through Brittany and Travis’ eyes. It’s really cool and I’m glad she is the person she is. That’s why I think she and Travis are such a good fit,” he said.

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