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Owner Reviews Brand New Maruti Swift 2024 Modified with 17-inch Alloy Wheels [Video]

The deliveries of the all-new fourth-generation Maruti Suzuki Swift have just begun in India and the modification work has already started. Recently, a video was shared online showing a brand new LXI variant of the Swift with numerous modifications. This particular car has been equipped with a set of 17-inch alloy wheels, a high-end audio system and a number of other mods.

2024 Swift LXI modifications

This video of the new Swift with modifications is courtesy of Vashu Singh from YouTube. First, the vlogger introduces this heavily modified Swift and its owner. He states that the owner had just returned from a long road trip and brought his car with him to show all the modifications made to it. He then asks him about the variant and delivery date of this car.

The owner mentions that it is the very first fourth-generation Swift in Delhi. He bought it the same day it was launched. The owner added that he paid around Rs 7.5 lakh in cash for the car. And shortly after taking delivery, he began modifying it. The moderator then asks him if he has any other cars on the list to check out.

The owner of the car replies that he just wanted to get the Swift. He explained that he had two auto accessories shops in Delhi and hence wanted to get this car converted from base to top. Next, the moderator asks the owner what their previous experience with the owner has been. He then explains that he doesn’t feel that much difference between the old Swift and this new car.

Changes made to this Swift LXI

After the full introduction and basics, the vlogger starts showing the mods done to this car. On the front, the owner mentions that he installed 300W LED bulbs in the factory projector headlights. He added that an average person doesn’t need this because the company’s halogen bulbs provide good range.

2024 Swift modified tail

Next he shows off the newly added LED fog lights. He states that these are genuine Maruti Suzuki fog lamps. Additionally, they also added the chrome covers for these fog lights. Aside from that, they also gave this car real chrome for the front skid plate. The rest of the front remained the same.

As for the side profile, the owner highlights that he added 17-inch alloy wheels to the car. This LXI base variant is equipped with 14-inch alloy wheels ex works. The vlogger then asks if there is a problem with the enlarged wheels.

To which the owner replies that it doesn’t feel that different. But yes, the mileage has dropped slightly and the rear wheel is hitting the fender trim. In addition, real window visors, carbon fiber ORVM caps and a few other minor mods have been added.

Interior modifications

2024 Swift lxi modified interior

The owner of the car then states that he installed a new Android Auto touchscreen infotainment system in the interior. In addition, ambient lighting, new components and a powerful subwoofer were added. Finally, he talks about the dampening that was done on the doors and hood of the car.

Cost of these changes

2024 Swift rear left

He claims that he has spent a total of around Rs 2.15 lakh so far. The owner added that he plans to spend around Rs 100,000 more and get this car wrapped in satin black with gold accents. It will also receive a completely customized interior and a number of other modifications.

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