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New Jaguar F-Pace Unveiled for Its 90th Anniversary

Jaguar has made many mistakes over the last decade; the F-Pace was not one of them. Sure, it may have initially turned a few noses with its flashy SUV character (most of which belonged to people who thought Jaguar should only build sedans), but it was absolutely of its time and sold that way. The company estimates it has built 328,000 of them since the model was introduced in 2016; A rather modest number compared to some (German) competitors, but a real home run for Jaguar. And rightly so: the F-Pace was well proportioned and easy to drive. Very good if you have decided on the SVR.

With that in mind – and clearly aware of the need to keep the car in mind as its all-electric future moves into the present – Jaguar has launched what it calls the F-Pace 90th Anniversary Edition. Why 90 years? Well, that refers to the manufacturer’s “nine decades of innovation and production of internal combustion engines” and tends to underline the idea that this will be one of the last fossil fuel-powered cars Jaguar sells. That makes it less of a special edition and more of a way to mark off the final part of production for anyone who chooses an S, SE or HSE trim car. Expect “subtle badging with R-Dynamic exterior elements” and options such as diamond-cut alloy wheels, privacy glass, a panoramic roof and sports seats in the interior. Aside from the V8, there is also a wide range of engines.

Jaguar is justifiably concerned that this light cosmetic dusting might seem too worn out for an entire press release, and has also reminded us that the company is now building and selling a so-called SVR 575 Edition. Which is much closer to that. In fact, the company claims to have launched this model late last year – but it must have done so by whispering it into a broken phone because we hadn’t heard about it yet. But no matter: As the name suggests, the 575 finally gives the F-Pace the more powerful performance of the 5.0-liter V8, which means an increase of 25 hp over the non-edition model. Of course, this is mostly for bragging rights – the 0-100km/h time drops to 3.8 seconds – but when Jaguar says that the supercharger unit is a “celebration of internal combustion engines”, you certainly won’t hear any argument from us.

Elsewhere, the Edition gets the usual SVR bodywork (including rear diffuser and active exhaust) as well as “22-inch forged alloy wheels with Diamond Turned finish and Satin Technical Gray contrast”. The interior features suede and Windsor leather performance seats. So it’s not the wettest or wildest special edition – but it hardly has to be. The F-Pace SVR was already the best car Jaguar built; There’s no reason to think a little more power would spoil this. In any case, both equipment variants can be ordered now. We still don’t know exactly how long the car will be in production (we expect we’ll learn more about it as we get closer to Jaguar’s transition to electric vehicles), but if you’ve ever fancied one, you should You’d better not wait long.

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