Mitsubishi Off-road Van, Outlander Variant Planned for the US Market – Autoblog - Latest Global News

Mitsubishi Off-road Van, Outlander Variant Planned for the US Market – Autoblog

If you haven’t been paying attention, you might be surprised to hear that Mitsubishi has been doing pretty well in the United States in recent years. Once a mid-range program (to borrow a collegiate athletics term) here in the US, the automaker’s stagnant offerings and lack of vehicles with clear appeal – at least once you got past the hardcore Lancer Evolution series – to declining sales figures in the 2000s. The brand’s recent resurgence, led by the latest Mitsubishi Outlander and Outlander PHEV that it developed with its Japanese partner Nissan, began around 2018, says Mark Chaffin, president and CEO of Mitsubishi North America. “Momentum 2030 will build on this and set the stage for the introduction of new powertrains and vehicles, the opening of new dealerships and the development of new technologies to make the shopping and ownership experience faster, easier and more enjoyable.”

“New powertrains and new vehicles” are always keywords that catch the ears of automotive enthusiasts, and Mitsubishi appears to have some solid stepping stones in the works to further gain momentum in the important American market, with trucks, crossovers and multi-purpose vehicles that that could offer some really interesting entries into segments the automaker hasn’t moved into in decades. One particularly interesting potential vehicle, oddly enough, is a people carrier, which appears to be in the middle of the preview photo below. But we’re not talking about an ordinary minivan here. According to dealer staff present at Mitsubishi’s Momentum 2030 program, quoted by Automotive Newsthe van would be inspired by the D:X concept, which we openly loved following its launch in Tokyo last year.

The van would reportedly retain its rugged features – perfect for the growing number of Americans who prefer an off-road lifestyle such as camping and cross-country travel – and feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain. We can’t imagine some of the concept’s unusual features making it into production, such as a front glass panel that lets you see the ground in front of you, or a dashboard and steering wheel assembly that moves with the driver’s door. The three-row seating arrangement for six passengers and the real off-road tuning, however, are probably elements of the final product.

Another vehicle reportedly in development would emulate the highly successful Subaru Outback philosophy of taking a passenger car platform, adding a small lift kit, off-road wheels, tires, roof rack and styling, and selling it as a standalone model. The Outdoor model would be based on the Outlander crossover, which we believe is very competitive in its segment. This one looks like it’ll be a blast, and we’re hoping it gets the PHEV powertrain too.

Finally, Mitsubishi sells some popular pickup truck models in other markets around the world, but hasn’t sold a proper truck in the U.S. since partnering with Dodge on the ill-fated Dakota Raider. But according to reports from Automotive News, Mitsubishi could be looking toward electrified pickup trucks in the future instead. We’ll just have to wait and see if anything comes of this idea, but we’re guessing it won’t be anytime soon when Mitsu electric trucks go into production.

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