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Minor details from GTA 6 leaks that players should be aware of

GTA 6’s leak back in September was an unfortunate event for Rockstar Games. However, they successfully recovered from it and revealed that this setback would not stop the development process for GTA 6.

Looking back at the leaked videos, there were many new things that GTA fans managed to find out. However, as there are so many clips online, the majority of fans are bound to have missed out on some of the smaller details showcased.

So, to make them aware of these details, this article will talk about some of the interesting minor details that are worth knowing.

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Fans may have missed these smalls details in the GTA 6 leak

Twitter user @Staatskassen has discovered many smaller player actions that GTA fans may have ignored, especially if they have only seen the leaked videos once.

The list of these actions includes drowning, crouching, going prone, and surrendering. Thus, it is safe to say that many of these details are supposed to be ubiquitous so that the world feels more realistic.

Furthermore, there is an option for “buddy comms” and “downed self revive,” which may refer to GTA 6 allegedly having two playable protagonists as these two clearly reflect actions that can take place between separate playable characters.

Some of the features from the previous Grand Theft Auto games are also going to make a comeback, such as the cover mechanics that many players liked in the older Grand Theft Auto titles, so it makes sense for Rockstar Games to bring it back.


In one of the leaked videos, players can see how guns might work in the upcoming title. The recoil mechanic has improved a lot, and just by looking at how the player’s character moves when shooting a gun, it is safe to say that gun recoil is going to be very realistic.

This is an important feature that many players may not recognize as recoil will surely affect the accuracy of the weapon, which will in turn affect the entire combat mechanic.

Therefore, one should keep in mind that every weapon will come within its own limits regarding how much recoil players will experience. Additionally, going back to @Staatskassen’s list of actions discovered from the leaked clips, players will see “Buddy Ping” mentioned.

This is an action that is generally used in multiplayer games. While there are no other convincing signs about Grand Theft Auto 6 having a multiplayer aspect, the “Buddy Ping” feature is a pretty interesting discovery.

Again, players should take this information with a grain of salt, as it could also be related to the single-player mode.


Finally, in one of the screenshots, “Cinematic Mode” has been mentioned, which is a feature that many Red Dead Redemption 2 players will find familiar. Hence, this could mean that Rockstar Games will adapt features from Red Dead Redemption 2 to Grand Theft Auto 6.

This also makes fans wonder if Grand Theft Auto 6 will have the advanced dialogue system from RDR 2 in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game.

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