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Mariah the Scientist Shares How Young Thug Feels About Drake & Kendrick Lamar’s Rap Beef

Mariah, the scientist shares an update on her boo Young thug and reveal his point of view drake And Kendrick Lamaris the latest rap beef.

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Mariah The Scientist shares an update on Young Thug

On Wednesday, May 15, Billboard published an exclusive interview with Mariah. During the meeting, she shared an update on how Thug has been faring behind bars. As The Shade Room previously reported, the “Pick Up the Phone” rapper has been incarcerated since 2022.

“I talk to him every day, all day. If I have the opportunity to go to court and get physical, I’ll be there,” she said. “He did a lot of the things I do now, but he’s living vicariously through me again.”

The singer explained that he was very “encouraging” and “supportive” despite his own circumstances.

“I feel like sometimes they expect me to say he’s down. He’s not really that guy. It’s very rare for him to be like that,” she said. “Of course, not everyone has perfect days every day. Most of the time I have more days off work than he does…”

The singer reveals what the rapper thinks about Kendrick Lamar & Drake’s rap beef

As the conversation continued, Mariah explained that Young Thug stays up to date on current events. The singer explained that she told him “everything” and even took the time to play Drake and Kendrick’s diss to the rapper.

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“Maybe I tell him too much. I’ll play this for him [diss] Songs about the phone and stuff. He is generally a music lover. He fucks with everyone,” she said.

Ultimately, Mariah shared that Young Thug thinks Drake and Kendrick’s fight is a problem “interesting, definitely.”

Mariah, the scientist, addresses previous criticism of her stage presence

Elsewhere in the conversation, the singer also discussed the recent improvement in her stage presence and performances. Mariah explained that she used opportunities like touring with “bigger artists” like Rod Wave and A Boogie with da Hoodie as “case studies.”

“I used it as target practice, and when my tour started, we spent a lot of time increasing production in general,” she said. “…as I tried to concentrate on my part of the craft. I feel like it turned out really well. I read a lot of things that people say about and… It’s completely different from where I started. I can’t wait to see what happens next as we play bigger venues and move on.”

The singer admitted that she “didn’t quite know” what she was “doing” when she started her singing career.

“I think at first I didn’t really know what I was doing. It was different for me. Most artists have always wanted to make music… Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey – these people have always wanted to do it. They had their whole lives to prepare for this,” she explained. “I didn’t necessarily have that.”

Mariah explained that she would “laugh at it” or “play out the fear” she felt before or after her previous performances. But looking back, the “truth” was that she was simply inexperienced.

Mariah gave a transparent response to feeling bullied by internet criticism of her early performances.

“Do I feel like I was bullied a little? “I just feel like people haven’t been as open to learning the story, they’ve just run with information without knowing it or not when it comes to how I see this and grow up and do this ” she explained. “I just had to work overtime to get it right in real time because I didn’t have that experience. Now I have it and it’s much better. I’m just happy for the people who did it [there] To see it at the beginning, they are also here to see the growth now.”

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