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‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ First Look: Watch the Aftermath of Anna’s Death

Mama June Shannon mourns the loss of her daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell.

A first look at the Mama June: family crisis In the midseason teaser, a grieving Mama June mourns the loss of her eldest daughter died on December 9th after a Fighting stage 4 adrenal cancer.

“Mama June: Family Crisis”WE watch TV

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird are at their limit when it comes to money problems with Mama June. But as Anna’s cancer progresses, they are forced to abandon their financial affairs.

“We are incredibly angry that Mom refused to pay back the stolen money,” says the preview for the season. “But we have to put aside our argument with Mom.”

In an exclusive interview with ET last month, Mama June said denied stealing money from Alana when she was still a minor.

“I didn’t actually steal any money,” the TV personality shared. “You’ll see on Friday that it’s not about hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s just a show and that’s it.” Dancing with the stars.”

However, nothing tests Mama June and her daughters more than her devastating loss.

The clip shows Anna’s deteriorating health, with a crying Mama June finally saying, “Anna died.”

“I would spend every penny to have her back,” she continues.

When the family discovers that Anna never signed the papers requiring custody of her two daughters, Kaitlyn and Kylee, the fight over her threatens to tear the family apart.

Kylee leaves the country to live with her father, Michael Cardwell, but custody of Kaitlyn remains up in the air as Mama June sets her sights on the conservatorship.

“What if mom goes in front of the judge and says, ‘You gave up custody of your kids?'” Lauryn asks Alana in the trailer, before telling the cameras, “I don’t know who the hell gave her full custody of a child.”

Mama June opened up to ET about last month how Anna’s children are doing. She finds it difficult to imagine that her daughter will not be there to see her children grow up.

“That’s the truth, Kylee’s dad shouldn’t be raising Kylee and I shouldn’t be raising Kaitlyn,” she said divided. “[Their] Mother Anna should raise her, and I say that over and over again. In fact, I tell Kaitlyn a lot, ‘I’ll never replace your mother.'”

After enduring the “hardest moment of our lives,” the family reaches their breaking point due to legal troubles, lies and secret life-changing changes.

Meanwhile, Mama June and husband Justin Stroud’s marriage is “on rough waters.”

“It has to be a team effort, not just June’s way or the highway,” Justin says during an argument with his wife.

Desperate to save her relationship, Mama June takes Justin and her daughters on a surprise journey to renew their wedding vows. But tensions between the couple remain.

“How many times have I asked you to go to counseling in the last year?” Mama June asks in another scene.

An angry Justin shouts back: “F**k you and the advice!” then slams the door behind him as he leaves.

As the family faces many struggles and uncertain future prospects, the question remains: Will the family finally unite and move forward together?

Mama June: family crisis returns Friday, June 14 on WeTV.


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