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“Love is Blind”: Clay’s Mother Doesn’t Approve of a New Romance After AD

Clay graves has a new woman in his life, but she’s already setting off some alarm bells. The Love is blind The season six contestant, who rejected his fiancée AD at the altar, went Instagram and TikTok official with OnlyFans model Celina Powell in a series of racy bedroom videos.

In a clip released on Tuesday, Celina loudly says: “I’m not kidding you, I want my balls cracked, which means I want a child. I want my name removed which means I want to be married. I don’t. “Fuck you,” as Clay, shirtless, shakes his head.

In another clip, she drags an annoyed-looking Clay into the frame with the caption: “When you’re excited to show off your man but.” Love is blind Show fans don’t like him.

Celina also shared a photo of herself cuddling with Clay in bed as the two kiss, with the caption, “Life lately 🤍🔐.”

However, it seems Clay’s mother, Margarita Gravesande, who appeared on the Netflix show with her son, doesn’t exactly approve of his choice.

In a new Instagram Story, she wrote, “I didn’t know who CP was until everyone started sending me their YouTube info,” adding a vomit emoji. “It’s very interesting that some men lose everything because they think the apple is good, but it’s a forbidden choice (to do better).”

She then addressed her son directly and wrote: “Clayton Alexander, you know that Jesus will allow things to happen. He’s still trying to get your attention…please give yourself to him.”

Clay reposted his mother’s message on his own Instagram Story, writing, “Heard mom,” with a heart emoji and adding, “I’m sorry.”

Clay Gravesande reacts to his mother’s news about a new girlfriend on Instagram.Clay Gravesande/Instagram

Celina followed with one Clip of yourself Singing along to a Tupac Shakur song with the lyrics “F**k you and your f**king mama.”

It’s unclear whether the couple will survive Clay’s mother’s disapproval.

AD and Clay Gravesande at the altar at Love Is BlindNetflix

In season 6 of Love is blind, Clay proposed to Amber Desiree (AD) and continued the experiment all the way to the altar. AD seemed surprised by her husband’s decision to say no on their wedding day, but made it clear to him that his rejection represented a rejection of their entire relationship.

Back in March, the former couple met during the show’s reunion special, where Clay called AD the love of his life and said he wanted to rekindle their romance.

“Would I be willing to rekindle a relationship with Clay? Probably not, not an intimate relationship.” AD told ET After the reunion, a special was recorded. “We have developed a good friendship over the last few months and I think it should stay that way.”


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