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Lorelei and the Laser Eyes Turned Me Into a Puzzle Addict

I probably spent more time there Lorelei and the laser eyes I make notes and theories instead of actually playing the game. The latest release from Simogo – the Swedish studio behind eclectic titles like Annual walk And Device 6 – is a mystery game full of puzzles. The sheer scale is intimidating at first. Everything in the game is locked behind some sort of door, and figuring out how to open it requires navigating a barrage of cryptic, strange, and often confusing clues. But once I surrendered to the logic of the game, everything made some sense. Ultimately, it was all I could think of, and I have the notebook full of scribbled solutions to prove it.

There is very little setup. You arrive at a seemingly abandoned hotel in the woods, prompted by a mysterious letter from a cult film director, and from there you have to figure it out for yourself. There are some obvious objectives, like finding some missing script pages for the director, but mostly the task is to solve puzzles to open up more of this monochrome world and thus learn more about what the hell is going on goes. The story and the puzzles are closely intertwined, so each solution usually comes with a new narrative. These nuggets become increasingly strange, full of ghosts, murder, mazes and obscure films. And coffee. It’s as if David Lynch designed an escape room.

It’s intimidating at first because Lorelei and the laser eyes literally locks everything away. Once you enter the hotel grounds – which of course means figuring out the code to a padlock – virtually every part of the building is inaccessible and hidden behind some kind of puzzle to solve, which then leads to another puzzle. The first time I unlocked a door, I was so excited that there was only a locked safe inside.

It’s as if David Lynch designed an escape room

Often these puzzles don’t seem to make any sense at all. It took some patience (and trust in the developers), but eventually I was able to slowly start finding solutions, each one bringing new insights. Here is a small list of some of the things you need to look into to find answers Lorelei and the laser eyes: Roman numerals, the Greek alphabet, modern art, obscure (fictional) Italian films, the phases of the moon, PS1-era video games and, unfortunately, basic math.

It all sounds like too much until you realize that every solution lies somewhere in the game itself. At some point I realized that everything was a hint, everything was fine. It’s still incredibly hard, but that “ah ha” moment made me realize it was at least possible, which helped me move forward. If I couldn’t solve something, it was almost always because I didn’t have the right information yet. Thank God, Lorelei and the laser eyes offers you many tools to find this information; The main character has a photographic memory, so you have a running list of all important documents, pictures and memories for future reference. Still, I would say that working out some of the more difficult solutions requires a notebook.

Image: Annapurna Interactive

The game is characterized by a remarkable cohesion in which the various elements build on each other and nothing happens by chance. Even the darkest detail eventually makes sense. It’s hard to imagine another game where all the pieces seem to connect together in such a natural way. The closest equivalent could be The witnessBut Lorelei and the laser eyes connects its story and gameplay on a deeper level and does so with an enviable level of style and personality.

This should come as no surprise to the team behind the slick Sayonara Wild Hearts. The studio’s new game has the dark undertones of noir, but features visual influences ranging from classic video games to Saul Bass to Lynch. It’s also a surprisingly playful experience full of delightful interactions; At a certain point, you can even order playable cartridges for a Game Boy in-universe by mail. It’s strange and disturbing and endearing, and it looks great doing it.

Lorelei and the laser eyes is also part of a truly incredible line-up of recent indie games, including the likes of Hades II, Landlords, CrowlandAnd Animal welfare. It’s a difficult crowd to stand out from, but Lorelei and the laser eyes does just that with its seamless blend of puzzles, style and eerie worldbuilding. Just make sure you have a notebook handy.

Lorelei and the laser eyes releases May 16th on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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