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Lewis Hamilton is Encouraged by Mercedes’ Development Plan as Further Improvements Arrive for the Emilia Romagna GP

Lewis Hamilton says he is “excited” about Mercedes’ upcoming upgrades. The seven-time champion hopes they finally have a “north star” to follow in the search for improved speed.

In an Imola weekend where most of the leading teams introduce some sort of car upgrade, Mercedes will have new parts on the W15 for the second race in a row.

The former champions have never managed to finish a grand prix higher than fifth this season, but Hamilton took heart from their late-race pace at the last Miami GP when he finished behind Red Bull’s Sergio Perez came the finish weekend where preparation time for the upgrades brought for this event was limited due to the nature of the sprint weekend.

“The last race was positive and there is still a long way to go,” said Hamilton, whose sixth place in Miami was his personal best on a Sunday in what has been a disappointing 2024 so far.

“I’m just very excited about the developments that are coming. We took a step last race and we took a step this weekend and there are more in the pipeline.”

“I feel like we’ve found more of a north star for what we need to do and what we need to change. It just takes time, but the energy in the team is amazing.”

Lewis Hamilton arrives in the Imola paddock on Thursday

“They are so resilient in this team. They keep pushing even though we’ve been knocked down a few times.”

“We just have to keep putting our heads down, stay focused and do our best every weekend.”

Hamilton says Mercedes is in the “discovery process” with the W15 – the heavily modified successor to last year’s disappointing W14 – and that it has a “very small window” in which they can consistently access its peak performance.

However, he believes the progress being made on their Brackley pace is real and that the team is working hard to accelerate the arrival of further development pieces on track ahead of a busy summer of racing.

“It’s just a game of patience and getting by [with] what you have,” Hamilton said.

“Make the most of the tools you have today, tomorrow and this weekend. But it’s really encouraging that we’re seeing progress in the wind tunnel at the factory.”

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The F1 Podcast team discusses where McLaren’s form deviates from Mercedes and whether the Brackley team can make progress in 2024?

“We have new components coming our way and that’s always an exciting part of the process. Trying lots of different things and then figuring out what works and what doesn’t. The fact that we have a direction forward, and we’ve tested it on the simulator, you can’t wait to get these parts.

“This is a real challenge for people in terms of spending time at the factory and bringing these things in early. We need all hands-on decks, and we know we already have that.”

“The direction we have to go is very clear”

After the disappointing 2022 and 2023 seasons, which saw just one race win, it was recognized that car design needed to take a completely different direction in Formula 1’s current era of ground effect rules. However, Mercedes’ 2024 challenger has yet to provide the team with a performance breakthrough.

They have been outscored by Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren in the first six rounds of the season, but George Russell also shares his teammate Hamilton’s confidence about the future.

“It was impressive to see the team all come together and put in so many hours at the factory to try and get these developments onto the car quicker and work hard to make the car faster,” Russell said .

“It’s very clear which direction we need to go and that gives people motivation and a clear platform on which we need to develop. Time will tell in the coming races.”

“The motivation hasn’t waned at all and everyone is so motivated to get Mercedes back to the top.”

The Emilia Romagna GP live schedule from Sky Sports F1

Friday, May 17th
8:50 a.m.: F3 practice
10 a.m.: F2 training
12 p.m.: First GP training in Emilia Romagna (meeting starts at 12.30 p.m.)
2:00 p.m.: F3 qualification
2:55 p.m.: F2 qualifying
3:45 p.m.: Second GP training in Emilia Romagna (meeting starts at 4 p.m.)
5:30 p.m.: The F1

Formula 1 will visit Europe for the first time in 2024 with the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola

Saturday May 18th
9 a.m.: F3 sprint
11:15 a.m.: Third GP training in Emilia Romagna (meeting starts at 11:30 a.m.)
1:10 p.m.: F2 sprint
2.10 p.m.: Preparation for the Emilia Romagna GP qualifying
3:00 p.m.: Emilia Romagna GP qualification
5:00 p.m.: Ted’s Qualification Notebook
5:30 p.m.: Indy 500 qualifying

Sunday, May 19th
7.30am: F3 feature race
9am: F2 feature race
12:30 p.m.: Grand Prix Sunday: Preparation for the Emilia Romagna GP
4 p.m.: Checkered flag: Reaction of the Emilia Romagna GP
5 p.m.: Ted’s notebook
8:00 p.m.: Indy 500 qualifying

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