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Lesa from “RHODubai” is Scared and Excited to See Ayan Feud

It has been almost a year since Lesa Milan wrapped filming season 2 by Bravo The Real Housewives of Dubaiwhich means that her friendship with her former best friend was about a year ago Chanel Ayan is over. Now the two can experience it again together with the audience.

“It’s – I wouldn’t say behind me, but I was pretty busy with kids and husband and lifestyle and [my company] “Mina Roe, that kind of took me away from all of that,” Lesa muses to ET. “Having to relive that is going to be the hardest thing, I think, but you know what? I get to know her perspective because she’s out there playing the victim, so I want to know why.”

“Victim” is a trigger word for Ayan; the season began with a drama surrounding this term after co-star Sara Al Madani used it to describe Ayan in interviews in which he discussed season 1so it is significant that Lesa is bringing it out now. When it comes to their argument, Ayan has largely blamed on Lesa, while Lesa throws it right back at the model. Lesa says the friendship ended because of “misunderstandings” and “loyalty.”

“I place great value on loyalty,” the 35-year-old declares. “I am, so to speak, the most loyal friend. As you can see from season 1I was out for life and death. ‘If you have a problem with her, you have a problem with me’ energy. That’s what I expect in return, but I didn’t get it.”

Both Lesa and Ayan tell ET that fans will need the entire season to understand why their friendship fell apart like that. Their fourth-wall-breaking showdown in the trailerin which Lesa tells Ayan that the show isn’t worth losing their friendship over, seems to get lost in the finale.

“The show is really real life. Ayan and I are friends in real life, or we were friends in real life, so I kept choosing her over the show,” says Lesa. “And at that moment, I felt like she wasn’t choosing me over the show.”

Ayan proved to be RHODubaiShe rose to stardom in Season 1, but Lesa says it went to her head when the cameras came back on for Season 2.

The stars of “The Real Housewives of Dubai” pose together for the poster of the second season of the series.Well done, media

“The people from Season 1 definitely appeared very different in Season 2,” she grins. “I think a lot of the dynamic change is due to that.”

Castmates and viewers alike wonder if Ayan’s budding friendship with the former Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury had something to do with her falling out with Lesa; in the season previews, Lesa makes a comment about “snakes” pointing to Stanbury and jokes about Ayan jumping on the “Stan wagon.” While Lesa doesn’t blame Stanbury entirely for her friction with Ayan, she does acknowledge that she played a significant role in it.

“I draw the line where your loyalty [lies with] someone who tried to destroy me, right?” Lesa teases, referring to the jibes Stanbury made against her maternity clothing line, the reunion of the first season when Lesa tried to defend Ayan.

“Someone I actually had problems with because I was loyal to you,” she continues. “You’ll have to see how this all plays out. … I think we’re all adults and responsible for our own actions, so it would be irresponsible in some ways to put all this on Stanbury.”

At the beginning of the second season, Lesa felt as if she and Ayan were “on our island, all alone” with the “forgetful four,” as she calls them – Stanbury, Sara, Caroline Brooks And Nina Ali — on another. The factions have quickly cleaned up the mess, making room for “juicy” alliance changes. Lesa says she’s “cool with everyone except Ayan” right now.

“Maybe a conversation can solve the problem, maybe not,” she muses. “You’ll have to see that at the meeting.”

Lesa Milan and Chanel Ayan in season 2 of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Dubai”.Yasmin Hussain / Bravo

“Honestly, anything is fixable – unless you sleep with my husband, I feel like I can get through anything else,” she notes. “It wasn’t that deep, to be honest.”

Nina did not return for season 2 (“Karma sucks,” grins Lesa); in her place is the newcomer Taleen Mariea “fiery” addition to the group who, along with Ayan, is responsible for much of this year’s drama, according to Lesa.

“But there could be a troublemaker,” she also suggests. “I would describe Stanbury as a troublemaker behind the scenes and Brooks as a troublemaker with open arms.”

“Sara just minds her own business and me? I’m the one casting the shadows,” she jokes, noting that the cast “all kind of get on my nerves” and no one is spared from her comments.

“They just come out of nowhere, you know?” says Lesa about her jokes.

“You know what? I think we showed up as a group, we settled in, and it’s going to be such an epic season,” she says. “Everyone showed up. There’s not a weak link in this cast. I feel like everyone showed up and gave 100%. I think some people were more themselves than others, but overall I think it’s a hot season.”

Lesa Milan shines in season 2 of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Dubai”.Yasmin Hussain / Bravo

Although it may seem like the drama outweighs the fun, Lesa says the season is actually the opposite. She calls it a perfect mix of The Real Housewives of Miami, Beverly Hills And Atlanta.

“I actually enjoyed filming Season 2 more than Season 1,” she says. “We had an amazing cast trip to Bali, which will probably be the most exciting.” [part]all the lavish lifestyle fun and everything. My extension of my brand, so we used to just do maternity wear and now we specialize in skincare and of course there’s a lot of drama about that because the girls are haters sometimes.”

She’s also excited to show her family life with husband Richard Hall and their sons Maximillian, Sebastian and Kristian. As for the trailer’s suggestion that there’s trouble at home, Lesa clarifies: Rich “isn’t going anywhere.”

“My husband and I are doing well,” she explains. “A relationship has ups and downs, all that.”

“We’re great,” she repeats. “This is my biggest supporter, this is my best friend. … I mean, he would have to find another me. Impossible! Even if I had a twin, impossible.”

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT on Bravo beginning June 11. Episodes will stream the next day on Peacock.


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