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Laverne Cox Recently Came to a “healing” End to Her Long-term Relationship

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Laverne Cox is learning to cope with her recent breakup day by day.

“I’ve recently been single,” Cox, 51, said on the Thursday, May 16 episode. Nick Viallis the podcast “The Viall Files”. “It’s really new, it’s literally been over a month. It’s weird to talk about.”

Cox met her last boyfriend, whose name she never publicly revealed, in 2020 while traveling from Los Angeles to New York City to complete an apartment purchase. While she was initially looking for a “steady, hot sex buddy,” they had a connection that was hard to ignore despite the 21-year age difference. The Orange is the new black alum even canceled her roster when she met her mystery man because she thought he was her “forever” person. Cox broke up with him on April 2nd.

“I am so grateful that I had the love of my dream at this stage of my life [and] that I had an experience with a man who loved me completely and cared for me in such a healing way,” the actress explained, crediting therapy with helping her get through the breakup. “It was just a healing relationship. I had bad relationships, a lot of childhood trauma, attachment issues, shame and all that stuff. Love can heal that. I also worked on myself… there was so much healing.”

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She continued: “It was a dream and we had such a great time, wonderful adventures and it was amazing. “It’s a shame it’s over but I’m also so grateful that I love myself more than him .”

Cox ultimately decided to pull the plug on their relationship when she realized she had “boundaries” and “a set of values” that she needed to respect first.

“I have an inner child that needs to be protected and feels safe at all times,” Cox told Viall, 43. “He’s a great man, but I need to honor and protect my inner child.” [and] I have to set boundaries and align myself with my values. And if the alignment doesn’t feel right, I need to make an adjustment.”

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Cox doesn’t know if she and her now-ex will “ever” get back together, but she doesn’t regret their time together.

“It was the love of my life [and] the love of my dreams,” she shared. “It was great, and I also realize that in the last 30 years I have never taken a break from dating men and sex for more than a few months.”

After Cox broke up with her boyfriend, she began a 30-day no-contact period. They spoke for the first time earlier this month, and according to Cox, her ex is “still” processing his heartbreak.

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