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Lala Kent Involves Jason from The Valley in the Babysitting Dispute with Brittany

Lala Kent, Jason Caperna, Brittany Cartwright. Well done (3)

It turns out Lala Kent And Brittany CartwrightThe new feud actually goes back to The valley.

As Bravo fans may know, Brittany and Lala have been at odds since the latter used Brittany and her estranged husband Jax Taylor‘s babysitter when the couple was out of town. On the Monday, June 10 episode of the podcast “Two Ts in a Pod,” Lala, 33, revealed the identity of the person who inspired the drama.

“Actually, it was Jason Caperna out of The valley who took a photo of the babysitter at the gender reveal,” she recalled. “And [he] sent it to Jax [Taylor]. We will have this nanny with us at our next event to look after our baby.”

The photo prompted Brittany and Lala to talk about it on the phone.

“We had a momentary argument about a babysitter, but we couldn’t have talked about the babysitter on the day of my gender reveal,” noted Lala, who is currently expecting baby number 2 via IUI. “It was [the] wrong time. Don’t talk to me about the damn babysitter today.”

Co-host Tamra Richter And Teddy Mellencamp asked if Brittany, 35, had been drinking before calling her. “I assume. It was probably 7 o’clock in Kentucky, so I assume,” Lala replied. “And [her and Jax’s son] Cruz was with her in Kentucky too. So I just said, ‘Please fuck off.’ I went to her.”

Is Jason from The Valley to blame for the feud between Lala Kent and Brittany Cartwright?

Lala Kent and Brittany Cartwright, 2019. Mindy Small/Getty Images

At the beginning of the month, Lala surprised Vanderpump Rules Fans when she revealed that she didn’t have a good relationship with Brittany.

“Brittany was so out of her depth the day of my gender reveal. She contacted my mom and was so f***ing out of her depth,” said Lala, who also has 3-year-old daughter Ocean with her ex. Randall Emmettshe said at the VPR meeting in May. “Don’t text my mom the day I find out we’re having a baby girl and ask, ‘Did you really hire our nanny without our permission?'”

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Lala also highlighted the problem with the use of the word nanny, adding, “People get real Hollywood-y and call babysitters nannies. Babysitter and nanny? Two very different things. If it hadn’t been Brittany, my mother would have slapped that bitch the next time she saw her. My 63-year-old mother is being interrogated by Kentucky Muffin. Are you kidding me?”

After initially remaining tight-lipped, Brittany broke her silence on the Friday, June 7 episode of her podcast, “When Reality Hits.”

“I’ll be brief because I didn’t know she was going to talk about it at the meeting,” she explained. “It kind of surprised me because by that point she had already apologized to me. [and] I had already apologized to her. So, everything was fine between us, so I was kind of confused. Like, “Why are we talking about this at the meeting?”

Brittany claimed she and Lala were no longer at odds, but she was surprised the topic was brought up on screen, saying, “It was just another shock value. But we had already apologized to each other and have since gotten over it.”

Lala, for her part, told a different story during the tell-all interview on Monday.

“She should never have done that. It was completely inappropriate,” Lala added after confirming that she and Brittany were “taking a break from each other.” “I’ve made that very clear. Like I’ve always said, when there’s someone who doesn’t talk to a lot of people, you usually have to look in the mirror and say, is it me? And that’s definitely me. I’m changing. I want different things.”

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