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Lainey Wilson Informs Fans About the Future of ‘Yellowstone’

Lainey Wilson shares the latest update Yellowstone.

Ahead of her highly anticipated performance at ACM Awards 2024 On Thursday night, the “Heart Like a Truck” singer joined ET’s Rachel Smith on the red carpet at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas, and opened up about the topic upcoming season 5, part B the hit Paramount show and her possible involvement.

“I literally still don’t know, but I’m waiting for the call,” Wilson shared, revealing that there’s still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to her future on the show.

Wilson, a six-time ACM Award winner, is nominated for five awards this year, including Entertainer of the Year and Female Artist of the Year. She will also perform. And while fans were excited to see her on stage, they are also looking forward to seeing her on stage again Yellowstone She reprises the role of Abby, whose romance with ranch owner Ryan (Ian Bohen) appears to be on the rocks after Ryan agrees to travel to Texas with the rest of the Yellowstone Ranch.

Lainey Wilson at the 59th Academy of Country Music Awards from the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas on May 16, 2024.Gilbert Flores/Penske Media via Getty Images

According to Wilson, only series co-creator Taylor Sherdian knows for sure what will happen to her character and the series in general.

“He has so many irons in the fire that I don’t know how he does it,” Wilson added.

She last told ET in April that she “shocked“if her character doesn’t show up.

“I’ll be honest with you. I would be shocked,” Wilson, 31, told ET. “And I think like [series creator] Taylor Sheridan writes his stories and he just has a wonderful way of bringing things back and letting them go – I’ll be shocked. So we’ll see what happens.

Lainey Wilson rehearses for the 59th Academy of Country Music Awards at the Ford Center at The Star on May 14, 2024 in Frisco, Texas.Getty

Wilson also previously told ET that Sheridan will always be there when she calls.

“I’m ready for it, I’m telling you that,” Wilson said said ET. “I’ll wait and see what happens. I said to Taylor Sheridan, ‘Call me and I’ll be there.'”

While she waits to hear about her role in the series. Wilson is eagerly awaiting the release of her new album. whirlwind, in August.

“I know for a fact that this is the best thing I’ve ever done,” Wilson said of her new music. “This record made me feel at home…it just made me feel grounded.”

“I try to make sure I keep my feet on the ground,” she added. “My life has been a whirlwind, so there is no better title.”

Meanwhile Wilson’s Yellowstone The update comes just days after Kevin Costner told it deadline that the narrative about him not prioritizing the show – and instead preferring his passion project, The horizon Films — Is not exactly.

“I don’t want to end up in the gutter with this Yellowstone thing, but what I’m telling you is clear. I’ve taken a beating from these damn guys and I often know where it comes from,” Costner said. “I just decided not to get involved in it.” But if you know me well enough, I did Yellowstone top priority and to suggest otherwise would be wrong.”

Bohen previously told ET at Paramount Network’s pop-up at Stagecoach that “the fans are going to get this [best] Conclusion that could possibly be written.

“Everything will land in a way that is perfectly orchestrated. A lot of shows just end… and they don’t leave you satisfied.” he added. “This will be completed in a way that makes sense.”

“I don’t know that any show has ever finished this strong,” he continued. “We’re expecting to see the best series finale in history. Maybe a little too confident, but I think it will be. We thank everyone for their patience… It will be worth the wait, I promise.”

The 59th yearbook Academy of Country Music Awards Live streams May 16th on Prime Video. Checkout all nominees and the full list of winners.


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