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Kristen Doute Describes Goat Plastic Surgery Procedures in Detail

Kristen Doute on “The Goat.” Jace Downs

Reality stars from all your favorite shows were ready to take on just about any challenge The goat – until it comes to her cosmetic surgery.

During the Thursday, May 16 episode of the Prime Video competition series, host Daniel Tosh asked everyone to share an “improvement” they made in honor of their medical reality show-inspired games.

occupation Joe Amabile, Reza Farahan, CJ Franco, Teck Holmes, Justin Johnson aka Alyssa Edwards, Paola Mayfield, Jason Smith, Da’Vonne Rogers And Jill Zarin Everyone refused to talk about their history with plastic surgery – but Kristen Doute does not back down from a task.

“I had facial reconstructive surgery,” she revealed. “I broke my orbital socket, so I have titanium plates, I have Botox and I occasionally get lip fillers. But not now.”

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After 48-year-old Daniel double-checked to see if anyone else wanted to share, 46-year-old Jason added that he had had his gallbladder removed. Kristen, 41, remained the only person on the show to speak openly about her plastic surgery.

VPR's Kristen Doute is the only

Kristen Doute visits OK! The magazine’s annual “So Sexy” party on April 17, 2013 in West Hollywood. Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

The goat, which began streaming earlier this month, brought over a dozen reality TV stars to GOAT Manor to compete in various challenges for a cash prize and the title of “Best of All Time.” The show was previously eliminated Joey Sasso, Lauren Speed ​​Hamilton And Tayshia Adams.

Kristen was the next person to leave — and she didn’t leave quietly. After being voted out by the majority of people on GOAT Manor, Kristen specifically set her sights on CJ, 33, because she didn’t stand by the alliance created by all the women on the show. For her part, CJ stood by the decisions she made in the name of the game.

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“Kristen was messy. It was chaotic,” she said F – Boys Island star exclusively tells Us weekly about their strategy. “I am certain [she’s] kind-hearted [and] so many other great things. But this was particularly chaotic and we all supported women. The boys didn’t come because [the women]. “I feel like the opposite was true.”

CJ also received support from Justin, 44, who got involved with Kristen an episode earlier. Justin threw Kristen – and Us – for a loop as he told it Vanderpump Rules Alum said she didn’t love anything except the bottle, suggesting she had a drinking problem.

“Here’s the thing. I think we live in the house with strangers. We sleep on two single beds and you can watch for 40 minutes of it. It’s 24/7,” Justin explained. “It’s been so busy. The Insidiousness started again. But that moment was a very intense moment because if you really remember, you knew that the challenge had been given earlier that day.”

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The RuPaul’s Drag Race Alum continued, “Every action has a reaction. In that moment, that’s what I felt. I felt very cornered. But like family, we argue. … I have great respect for women. So I very quickly said to myself, ‘Hey, let’s do this.’ That’s not what we came here for.'”

CJ agreed with Justin’s perception of the situation, adding, “We’re being honest and telling it like it is.” I think there was some talking in that moment and the reaction was, “You’re not being authentic.” I think the words were very strong, but I think something [Justin was] I’m really trying to tell Kristen, ‘What you’re saying is not authentic.'”

The goat is available to stream on Prime Video. New episodes are released on Thursdays.

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