• Fortunately, no one was injured in this bizarre accident in Lake Forest.
  • To prevent water from shooting out of the hydrant, the fire department had to isolate the water network.
  • If your Kia has water damage, repairing it can be expensive.

The owner of this silver Kia in California endured a wet and rainy evening on Sunday after colliding with a white pickup truck in the small town of Lake Forest. Local authorities described the scene as “something you don’t see every day,” and they’re absolutely right.

The accident occurred shortly before 6:30 p.m. at the intersection of Jeronima Road and Heide Avenue. Little is known about the cause of the accident, but the Orange County Fire Department received a 911 call that someone might be trapped in one of the cars and rushed to the scene.

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When firefighters arrived, they were confronted with a most bizarre incident. Footage shared on X (formerly Twitter) shows the sedan, which appears to be a silver Kia Optima, leaning against the white pickup truck, the rear of which is directly over a broken fire hydrant. The force of the water pushed the rear of the Kia into the air, creating a scene that could have looked like something out of a movie and was not something residents would have expected on their evening commute.

Fortunately, the drivers of the Kia and the pickup truck were able to exit their vehicles before firefighters arrived. Both drivers were treated at the scene and taken to a local hospital.

With the assistance of Lake Forest Police, authorities were able to isolate the water mains on both sides of the hydrant. This reduced the water pressure, brought the Kia back to ground level, and allowed firefighters to access the water shutoff.

Being involved in an accident with another car is bad enough, but the collision with the fire hydrant has caused even more damage to the Kia. Not only has the water lifted the rear of the Kia off the asphalt, but it has also damaged the rear bumper. The trunk lid is also open and there’s a good chance that gallons of water have entered the Kia’s cabin. If there is water damage, repairing the car could prove very costly.