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Keke and Loreal Palmer on How Their Careers “changed” Their Childhood.

Keke Palmer and her sister Loreal Palmer talk about how drastically their lives changed after Keke found fame as a child star. The sister duo stopped by ET’s Spilling the E-Tea and discussed all the family secrets revealed in Loreal’s new memoir. Stay alive, Keke’s journey to superstardom and more.

Loreal, who won the first season of the ABC reality show, Claim to famein 2022, is currently away from home and studying abroad at Oxford University.

“It was the time of my life, literally a dream come true. I could never have predicted that,” the 34-year-old tells her sister about her studies. “I missed my babies – the kids and you guys are probably the only thing that will bring me back.”

Loreal has three children with her ex-husband Frank Wimberly III, and it was their divorce that inspired her the reality star to write her memoirs. The title, Stay aliveis inspired by a mantra from the sisters’ grandmother.

“Our grandmother always said that and our mother always reminds us that no matter what we go through in life, she just says, ‘Keep living, keep living,'” says 30-year-old Keke. “So the title reflects the spirit of our family so much.”

Loreal explains that sharing her memoir was “extremely therapeutic” for her.

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“I didn’t live through many of these moments, I walked around them. I’m very good at working around things, and when it came time to share these memories and moments, it kind of forced me to go through them in a way that I had never experienced before,” the mother of three tells her sister. “Some of these chapters I remember as I was writing – this is going to sound so dramatic – but as I was writing them I had tears streaming down my face because I thought, ‘Oh, I did it.'”

Loreal remembers the difficult time growing up when her sister Keke became famous as a child star and says it was definitely a process.

“I talk about how [when] When people find out we’re sisters, they’re always like, “Have you ever been jealous?” And it’s like, no, I’ve never been jealous in the sense that they think. It was more like, “What’s my acting?” What’s my entertainment? “Why can’t I find my thing?'” Loreal shares.

The aspiring professor insists that she was always proud of her younger sister, “because it just seems like you were meant to be.”

“I literally said to someone the other day, ‘She’s just a natural entertainer. She could be paid pennies and she would still do this because that’s what she’s done her whole life,'” Loreal adds proudly.

But the road to fame was not an easy one. Keke remembers the “many different moments that presented obstacles or hurdles” as her family moved to Hollywood to pursue her career.

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“I think that many of the lessons I learned about dealing with life during this confusing time are skills that I can still use in any relationship today.” The No actress says and sees things positively. “In the early years of becoming ‘Keke Palmer,’ seeing things from other people’s perspectives and seeing how that changed the dynamic.” [our] Family, that helped me learn to understand people better.

Keke added: “I’m always amazed by all the love and compassion you’ve shown, because sometimes when I look at things through the eyes of my siblings – and of course you especially, because of all the things you did I made sacrifices.” I forced myself to do what I did – I used to struggle with so much guilt because I felt like, damn, all this focus and all this stuff, even though it always was It was a family affair and a family business and an opportunity. For all of us it didn’t always feel like taking advantage of that one goal.

“It was very clear, ‘Okay, this is Keke and we’re doing everything for Keke and everything Keke has,’ but the Keke Palmer brand has helped us all advance in different areas, so that’s great,” Keke says . “But it still seems so focused on one person and it took me many years to get through some of it with myself, feeling like I was responsible for everyone. So when I hear you talk about it, it really seems to me like, wow, this is just a narrative that I told myself… and then you tell yourself a completely different narrative and we both bring each other along our stories.”

“Yeah, that’s the funny thing: everyone always tells their own story and we have no idea,” Loreal notes.

The Oxford University student also says that writing her memoir helped her cope with the divorce from Wimberly, whom Loreal divorced after coming out but stayed in the same house to raise their children.

Looking back on the breakup, Loreal says her first step in processing her feelings was “realizing that it’s not selfish to react personally to what someone else is going through.”

“You can be there for them, but you can’t deny how what they’re going through is affecting you,” she reasons. “That was kind of the first step, we’re just such a magical family that’s so accepting of everyone and everything, and it took me some time to realize that not everyone has that. “It was a lot for him to come out,” and I had no choice but to accept it. But then I had to say to myself, “But wait, Miss Mamas, this is your husband!”

Loreal confessed that “the strong supportive person that everyone sees today didn’t always exist.”

“It wasn’t all positive,” she admits, adding that it was “the first time in my life.” [in which] I allowed myself to get angry because anyone who knows me knows it takes a lot to get me there.

But the idea of ​​it Stay alive held on to Loreal, who describes in her memoirs her determination to “take on this flow of life and just get on with it.”

Stay alive is available wherever books are sold.


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