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Katy Perry Pregnant? Wants Baby No. 2 After Leaving American Idol

Katy Perry is reportedly eager for baby No. 2 and is ready to give up her career for it – but is she pregnant right now?!

In early 2024, we heard how Orlando Bloom and Katy’s separate lives could affect their marriage and their future plans together.

Now she is withdrawing American idol Revival. She may be a lot less busy at work, which could mean the perfect time to expand her small family.

Oh, and did we mention she just posted a picture of a positive pregnancy test?!

Katy Perry on a red carpet in November 2023.
Katy Perry celebrates the launch of Dolce & Gabbana Devotion at Macy’s Herald Square on November 10, 2023. (Image credit: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Macy’s Inc.)

Katy Perry is leaving American Idol after seven seasons – but why?!

The American idol The revival that no one needed and very few people wanted loses its most notorious judge.

Apparently Katy’s departure has to do with her desire to release new music in the coming years, ABC’s refusal to increase her $30 million salary, and her family planning – not that she’s saying any of that directly!

Katy made the announcement on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in February, explaining that it would likely be her final season as a judge.

Katy Perry shared her departure news on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

According to an inside source The mirrorFor Katy Perry, there are “three factors at play centered around her deal and her family.”

The insider noted, “Katy enjoyed the best deal on reality TV, worth about $30 million a year.” It made her the highest [paid] female reality and entertainment star.”

The source then continued: “But ABC doesn’t want to increase it after five years of increases. There is no wiggle room as parent company Disney tries to be cost efficient and keep expenses down over the next few years.”

Katy Perry put on quite a show at the 2023 coronation.Katy Perry put on quite a show at the 2023 coronation.
Katy Perry performs on stage during the coronation concert on May 7, 2023. (Image credit: Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Katy Perry has to leave American Idol because of baby No. 2

“This decree comes from the very top,” emphasized the insider. “So Katy was told that the deal was the same and that you were welcome to move forward.”

The source admitted: “ABC bosses know she’s the one drawing attention to the show, but she’s also the most expensive.”

Obviously $30 million a year is a enormously and well obscene Amount of money. But regardless of the pay scale, she’s looking for a job that depends on her but doesn’t pay enough to keep her. There are also other things to consider – like the birth of another baby.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom together in 2021.Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom together in 2021.
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom attend Variety’s “Power of Women” presented by Lifetime at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on September 30, 2021. (Image credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Variety)

Katy Perry pregnant: The Instagram photo is causing a stir!

Two months after announcing her exit from Idol, Katy made a splash on the iHeart Radio Music Awards red carpet. She wore a black bikini, a thin fishnet dress and nothing else.

Many thought this was a clear message to those who gossiped about her pregnancy. The message: Not yet!

But wait! Fast forward to Mother’s Day, and Katy freaks everyone out by posting a photo of a positive pregnancy test!

Fans started losing it in the comments, congratulating her on baby #2.

But unfortunately it was all just a joke. The photo was a reminder of the time she found out she was pregnant with little Daisy, her only child to date.

After everyone read the caption, Katy explained that they were timeline pictures and videos from her first pregnancy. Other pictures showed Orlando finding out he was going to be a father and the couple hearing their heartbeat for the first time.

Katy is ready to become a mother again

Although there is no confirmation one way or another about Katy’s next pregnancy, those in the know suspect that her exit from Idol will pave the way for the birth of baby #2!

“Katy always told her friends that her dream was to have a bigger family,” the insider shared.

“She turns 40 in the fall,” the source pointed out, “and loves her blended, harmonious family with Orlando and his ex Miranda Kerr. But she would like a little sibling for Daisy.”

The insider added: “She came from a family with a sister and really felt that this made her childhood and growing up easier. “She and Angela remain close to this day.”

Katy Perry attends the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards at the Dolby Theater on April 1, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. Broadcast live on FOX. ((Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for iHeartRadio))

Orlando Bloom is a great partner and father

“The other thing is that Katy loves how Orlando is such a great father to his kids,” the insider added. Of course, if he’s such a good father to little Daisy, then Katy knows he’ll be great to baby #2 too.

“It made her love him even more,” the source described.

“She learned from him how to balance work and personal time,” the insider revealed. “You could almost say that his influence helped him really find balance in her life.”

Katy Perry takes selfies during the 2023 coronation.Katy Perry takes selfies during the 2023 coronation.
Katy Perry takes selfies during the coronation of King Charles III. and Queen Camilla on May 6, 2023. (Image credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

“And let’s be clear: Katy is a really hands-on mom who loves being there for Daisy at breakfast and bedtime. The absence of television recordings extends this time,” the insider explained.

As wild as tour plans are, she could spend months touring and doing something very much more money than American Idol is willing to pay her in a fraction of the time.

That would give Katy Perry and her handsome husband plenty of time to work on baby #2. And perhaps to turn their long engagement into wedding plans, If you like.

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