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Kate Hudson Tells Dad Bill, “There’s Nothing New but Love.”

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Kate Hudson has no hard feelings when it comes to her relationship with her father Bill Hudson.

“There’s nothing new except love,” said Kate, 45 People on Wednesday, May 15th. “I love him. . . . I just don’t think about it too much. It’s a 40-year-old problem.”

Bill was married to Kate’s mother, Goldie Hawnfrom 1976 to 1982. The ex-partners also share Oliver Hudson. In 2016, Kate shared Howard Stern that Bill “was there when we were young, then it kind of faded away.” (Hawn continued with Kurt Russellwith whom she has a son Wyatt Russell.)

For Kate, it is her mother’s relationship with Kurt, 73, that is worth admiring. “Their greatest value is their commitment to this unit. They’ve been through everything together and it’s so amazing to see how beautiful their relationship is, especially as they get older. It’s so loving and caring,” Kate said. “They stuck with it. It’s like a very rare Hollywood story. They stay in there forever. It’s wild.”

She continued: “It says a lot about enforcement. I think we go back and forth. I speak from experience and it’s very easy to say something isn’t working. And you have to do your best, do your best, but, “Oh, we’ll get through this.” But to actually hang in there with each other in those moments is really powerful. And now being able to experience that as a daughter is just wonderful.”

During an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning in April, Kate was asked what her relationship with her biological father was like, to which she replied, “I don’t really have one. But it’s getting warmer.”

For his part, Bill participated exclusively Us weeklyThe cover story from earlier this month said Kate “put it perfectly,” but also noted that the family is starting a new beginning together. “We’re warming up [and] “Let things take their course,” Bill said Us. “All families have rifts. It’s nice that our divide is healing.”

Bill noted that there have been “years of ups and downs” in their relationship, so they are slowly starting to make amends. “There’s no pressure,” Bill said. “We’ll just let it be what it’s going to be. Because no one is putting pressure on us, there are no unrest or problems.”

As for the future, Bill said they are trying to move forward. “A lot of things went wrong and we’re not going back to them,” Bill said. “Nobody wants to rehash the past. You won’t move forward if you only analyze the past. We are in the present.”

Meanwhile, Hawn is “happy” that Kate and Oliver are fixing things with her dad. “She’s happy about it,” a source said Us. “They are adults and can do whatever they want. Everyone is okay with what everyone is doing at this point.”

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