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Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortes’ Relationship Timeline from Love Is Blind.

Johnny McIntyre, Amy Cortes. Greg Gayne/Netflix

Johnny McIntyre And Amy Cortes I found love within Love is blind pods.

“He mentioned it [early on] that he really went through this experience to grow as a person and that marriage wasn’t the main goal, but that when it happened, it happened,” Amy shared exclusively Us weekly before the sixth season aired in February 2024. “It was like I didn’t know if it was the best thing and I wasn’t trying to build a man up.”

She continued, “After several conversations, I really got a feel for who he was and obviously a connection formed and so I just felt like it was definitely a very real connection and that’s how it went.” just with the flow of it all.” ”

The bond between Amy and Johnny grew and they got engaged sight unseen. They were the only season 6 couple to get married in the finale in March 2024.

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Until they met again, Amy and Johnny remained blissfully in love.

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A pod binding like no other

Johnny and Amy were both cast in the sixth season of Love is blind when the Netflix experiment brought the capsules to Charlotte, North Carolina in March 2023. They soon found a sweet connection with each other.

“I was the deputy, so I had no idea what to expect,” Johnny continued The Jennifer Hudson Show in March 2024. “But I knew I wanted to just be myself and do whatever I could to find love, and it worked out pretty well for me.”

'Love Is Blind' Stars Johnny McEntyre and Amy Cortes A Timeline of Their Relationship 101
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An unseen engagement

After they grouped together, Johnny was the first Love is blind Man asking the question.

“Would you please make me the happiest man in the world and spend the rest of your life with me and marry me?” he asked as Amy tearfully said yes.

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Merging lives and figuring out intimacy

When Amy and Johnny finally met, they quickly realized that their real lives complemented each other. However, they had to overcome a major hurdle: different views on family planning. The couple was unable to consummate their romance during the engagement because Amy was not taking contraceptives. Johnny, on the other hand, didn’t want to have a vasectomy. (Johnny wanted to be more financially stable before having a baby.)

“[It] “It was a really big deal that we talked about several times,” Johnny said Us. “We wanted to make sure we were on the same page. Since I really didn’t know much about contraception, contraceptives, etc., it was difficult to have a good conversation right away because I wasn’t informed.”

'Love Is Blind' Stars Johnny McEntyre and Amy Cortes A Timeline of Their Relationship 102
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Do it!

Both Amy and Johnny’s families agreed to the union, which made their wedding day decision even easier. Both of them decided to get married and sealed their marriage with a kiss.

Reunion love

Amy and Johnny met with their castmates during the season 6 reunion in March 2024 and revealed that they had “figured out” their family plans and that Amy had started taking contraceptives.

'Love Is Blind' Stars Johnny McEntyre and Amy Cortes - A Timeline of Their Relationship 100
Greg Gayne/Netflix

1 year less

The couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary in May 2024 by sharing pictures from their big day on social media. “I always thought marriage would be hard and it’s not – life is hard and wow do you just do it,” Amy wrote in a sweet Instagram tribute. “Her ability to calm my fears and make me feel protected and truly and completely loved is something I thought I would never find. Your loving, charming, kind, funny, supportive and selfless soul is one of a kind and I am so lucky to be your wife – and like I said a year ago today, boy do I love your soul 🥹.”

For his part, Johnny called their first year of marriage “the most amazing thing in my life” in his own lengthy Instagram post. “I love you so much more than you will ever know, Amy, and I’m so happy I have the rest of my life to try to show it to you,” he added.


“When he surprises you and suggests a band upgrade on your island!!!!! 😭😭🩵 best first anniversary 🥹🫶🏼,” Amy captioned Instagram photos of Johnny getting down on one knee during an anniversary trip to Puerto Rico in May 2024.

Johnny shared the same photos on his Instagram and wrote: “Proposing to my princess at Paseo de la Princesa.”

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