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Jessica Biel Would Have Left Hollywood if She Hadn’t Sold The Sinner

(L-R) Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple JSquared Photography/Getty Images

Just a few years ago, Jessica biel was almost ready to call it quits.

In the podcast “The Bright Side,” 42-year-old Biel was asked how starting her own production company opened new doors for her in Hollywood. Biel and producer Michelle Purple Iron Ocean was founded 20 years ago and, according to Biel, the company had almost no success in its first ten years.

“The doors haven’t opened at all, even though I haven’t even been in the business that long,” Biel said. “It was a big challenge for us to even tell a story. We made a short film, we made a full-length feature, which was beautiful and a cool experience, but it was a labor of love.”

Then came The sinner, the police anthology series that Biel and Purple co-produced. But before they could start filming the series based on the Petra Hammesfahr Novel with the same name, they had to sell it.

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“When we actually sold this show, Michelle and I looked at each other and she said, ‘If we don’t sell this show, I’m quitting,’ and I said, ‘Me too, I’m quitting,'” Biel revealed.

She added: “If this show doesn’t sell, I don’t know what people want, I don’t know what to bring them. “I don’t understand this business anymore. I just don’t understand it anymore.”

Luckily for Biel, the USA picked up the series, in which she starred for four seasons Bill Pullman. For her performance in the first season, Biel received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie.

While Biel has been working as an actress since the 1990s, she had to prove herself again as a producer. The timing, she pointed out, made it even more difficult.

“It was basically like starting over on some level,” she said. “Plus, it was at a time when no one was interested in women’s stories. Female storytelling wasn’t really happening. [It] was long before #MeToo, long before you know, we really had this amazing runway for powerful, complex women’s stories.”

Looking back, Biel can reflect on the work she has done The sinner through and called it “a very humbling experience.”

“And it’s still humbling,” she added. “I don’t find it easy in any way to work in my industry or as an actor or producer. There is so much blood, sweat and tears that you have put into making these projects a reality and so many of the things we are working on will never come to fruition.”

It’s easy to understand why someone would give up under these circumstances. Instead, Biel and Iron Ocean built on their success The sinner into it sweetsa 2022 crime miniseries on Hulu and the Freeform anthology series Cruel summer.

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