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Jesse Duggar: My Mom is Awesome! She is Divine AF!

Jessa Duggar is here to defend her mother.

Yes, people. THE Mother.

Earlier this month, the Counting On alum honored Michelle Duggar by writing the following on Facebook:

This Mother’s Day, feel blessed beyond measure! I am so grateful for the beautiful examples of motherhood in my own mother and mother-in-law.

Jessa Duggar can be seen here in a clip from TLC. (TLC)

It wasn’t long after Jessa shared these words that a handful of users stopped, read them and wondered: WTF?!?

“Didn’t your mother harbor a child molester?” One person wrote, for example. “Not exactly a shining example.”

This is a clear reference to Josh Duggar, who abused his sisters as a teenager (and whose parents helped cover up the crime) and is now behind bars after being convicted of possessing child pornography.

Another person, meanwhile, called Michelle Duggar a “baby machine, not a mother,” pointing to the many children she gave birth to (19!!!!) and Jim Bob Duggar’s clear belief that women are meant to be to reproduce and… that’s about it.

Jessa Duggar poses with Ben Seewald and her first child on Counting On.
Jessa Duggar poses with Ben Seewald and her first child on Counting On. (TLC)

Jessa, who gave birth to her fifth child in December, finally stepped in after another critic said her mother was “horrible” and responded to the comment with the following:

“I disagree. She is the most divine woman I know. I have never met a more patient, gentler or genuinely loving person.”

Jessa also called Michelle a role model.

She said she could only pray that she would be anything like the kind of parent her mother had been to her and her siblings over the years.

Jessa Duggar and baby number 5
Jessa Duggar is a mother again! She shared this photo shortly after giving birth. (Instagram)

“I love her more than any woman I know and I just hope I can be half the mother to my own children that she was to me,” Jessa wrote online this week.

Of course she is entitled to this opinion.

But Jessa wasn’t the only member of her family to receive backlash on Mother’s Day.

Jana Duggar also had something nice to say about Michelle, which led to some really harsh comments from those who have followed the Duggars since they entered the reality show scene.

Jana Duggar finds something funny in this photo. (TLC)

“How can she even show her face?” someone wrote about Michelle on Jana’s page. “She covered up what her son did to her daughters, in my opinion she is a monster.”

“I wish you a happy Mother’s Day, Jana, for raising your siblings. Wishing Michelle a happy incubator day,” a second person wrote.

Another also cited the Josh Duggar scandal (well, the first one; not the one where he confessed to cheating on his wife, nor the one that landed him in prison) and simply asked:

“I didn’t [Michelle] Are you trying to cover up sexual abuse?”

The answer is yes. She did that.

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