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Jenna Mirza Mattison Adapts Anita Moorjani’s Cancer Memoir “Dying To Be Me” for Wonderstreet

EXCLUSIVE: Wonderstreet, the company behind award-winning and socially impactful features such as Beasts without a nation And The Mauritanianhas commissioned Jenna Mirza Mattison to write the screenplay for a feature film adaptation of Dying to be myselfthe international and New York Times bestselling memoirs of Anita Moorjani.

The memoir, published by Hay House Inc. in September 2014, tells how Moorjani was miraculously cured of terminal cancer just days after a near-death experience. After battling cancer for years, the author’s body began to fail – overwhelmed by the malignant cells spreading throughout her body. As her organs failed, she had an extraordinary near-death experience that made her realize the root cause of her illness. When Moorjani regained consciousness, she found that her condition improved so quickly that she was able to leave the hospital without a trace of cancer in her body.

In the memoir, the author also tells stories from her childhood, how she found true love after rejecting an arranged marriage and how she ended up in that hospital bed where she defied all medical knowledge. As part of a traditional Hindu family from India living in a predominantly Chinese and British society in Hong Kong, Moorjani was torn by cultural and religious customs since childhood. After years of struggling to forge her own path while meeting everyone else’s expectations, her revelation on the other side made her realize that she had the power to heal herself – and that there were miracles in the universe that she had never even imagined.

The Dying to be myself The film has been in development since 2020 with Mark and Christine Holder of Wonderstreet and producers Liat Gerszt, Colet Abedi, Jasmine Abedi and Brian Zagorski of Sylvirgale Productions and 04 Entertainment. Before that, we’re told, the project was in development with Ridley Scott.

Gerszt and Abedi, who is also a bestselling author, were fascinated by Moorjani’s story after reading her memoir in 2014. They spent about a decade searching for the right screenwriter who could identify with the story on a cultural and spiritual level before they came into contact with Mattison.

Mattison is no stranger to bestselling authorship. He has adapted novels by James Patterson and Sophie Kinsella and is working on an upcoming adaptation based on a novella by Josh Malerman, author of Birdhouse. Her previous films have been released by MGM, Samuel Goldwyn, Sony and Lionsgate. On television, she is currently working as creator and EP on a series about a woman who has a near-death experience and gains psychic abilities, starring Emmy winner Leslie Greif (The offer) producer and Edward Bernero (Criminal Thoughts) as showrunner.

Moorjani currently travels the world as a motivational speaker and is also the author of books such as Deep meditation for healing, Love: A story about who you really are, What if this was heaven?And Sensitive is the new strong.

Wonderstreet knows a lot about incredible true stories and has already exploited them with the Netflix miniseries Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madam CJ Walkerwhich earned Octavia Spencer an Emmy nomination, as well as the acclaimed feature film dramas Beasts without a nation And The Mauritanian by directors Cary Jojo Fukunaga and Kevin Macdonald. The company is currently producing the second season of the Spanish-language series Bandits for Netflix.

Mattison is represented by Gersh, The Cartel and Cohen & Gardner.

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