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Jason & Brett Oppenheim Tease Heather’s Selling Sunset Future

Heather Rae El Moussa is one hot commodity.

With the announcement that Heather and her husband Tarek El Moussa have signed on for a new HGTV show, The Flipping El Moussas, we couldn’t help but wonder what it means for her future on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, where she’s been a regular cast member since the show’s inception in 2019.

According to Oppenheim Group senior vice president Brett Oppenheim, well, it’s a little up in the air at the moment.

“I think it’s TBD,” he told E! News exclusively. “I think for now she’s able to do both.”

Oppenheim Group owner Jason Oppenheim was a little more forthcoming—but said he’d rather stay out of it.

“I don’t get involved in the futures of the agents,” he said. “I know she’s still going to be at The Oppenheim Group. I think that’s with her and production and Netflix and all that.”

Still, Jason has nothing but well wishes for Heather and her blossoming television empire.

“I love Heather. I’m super supportive of Heather and Tarek and their new show,” he said. “I just want her at the office. I hope she continues to film with us. I have learned long ago not to get involved in all that stuff.”

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