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Jason Biggs Says an American Pie Fan Shouted an X-rated Joke in Front of His Son

Jason Biggs will never forget the moment when he nearly had to explain the wildest scene from American cake to his sons.

“We were outside somewhere and someone walked past us and someone screamed as they walked past,” Biggs, 46, told exclusively We weekly on Wednesday, June 12, while celebrating his partnership with EDWARDS Desserts. “They were like, ‘Oh my God, you cake fucker!’ It was like in passing. I immediately looked at my son and was like, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Did he see it? And he didn’t hear it? OK, thank God,’ because then I would have had to explain it to him.”

Biggs is referring to the infamous scene in which his character sexually experimented with the pastry. Although it has arguably become an iconic moment in pop culture, the actor isn’t sure whether his sons Sid (10) and Laz (6) are supposed to get the allusion yet.

“I’m trying to delay it as long as possible,” Biggs said. “They’re not ready yet.”

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While his eldest son in particular knows American cake Although he was “special” in his father’s life, Biggs won’t be able to enjoy a TV party with him any time soon.

“People come up to me all the time when he’s in front of me and I want to talk about it,” Biggs said of the film. “He knows it’s a film. He knows it has something to do with a cake. Other than that, it’s pretty abstract. I thought that day I’d have to explain to him what that meant. And honestly, I don’t know what I would have said.”

Jason Biggs remembers the moment an “American Pie” fan screamed “Pie F–ker” in front of his son

Jason Biggs EDWARDS Desserts

What Biggs likes to talk about is his partnership with EDWARDS Desserts. Nearly 25 years after his iconic cake scene, the actor is teaming up with America’s leading frozen cream cake brand to offer cake lovers a limited edition “Anniversary Apple Pie.”

The dessert consists of vanilla biscuit base, spiced apple pie compote, salted caramel, white chocolate whipped cream and crunchy caramelized white chocolate pearls.

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“We have a [new] funny campaign for the 25th anniversary of American cake,” Biggs revealed of the partnership. “We decided that not only would we bake this amazing new apple pie, but we would also do a commercial where we would basically recreate the pie scene from the original movie, where I am now the father.”

The clip is available on Biggs’ social media page as well as on the official Edwards Desserts pages. There is also a competition running for fans to win an Edwards cake and some American cake Memorabilia.

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