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Jane Seymour Talks Cosmetic Procedures and Her New Doctor Boyfriend

Addressing misconceptions about her experience with cosmetic surgery, Jane Seymour spoke during a recent appearance on US television show ” The Tamron Hall Show.

“I’m going to clarify here so you can understand it clearly, because there are things called factoids where they take half a quote and turn it into something else,” Seymour began, emphasizing her intention to clarify the matter.

Reflecting on her past decisions regarding cosmetic procedures, Seymour began by opening up about her journey with under-eye bags. Seymour then delved into a fascinating anecdote about her time as a James Bond girl. “When I was cast as a James Bond girl, I had two different colored eyes, so, you know, I should be fired. I was fired from my first job because I had two different colored eyes. I have one green eye and “One brown eye. “That’s supposed to be wrong,” she revealed, shedding light on the challenges she faced at the start of her career.

Continuing her story, Seymour opened up about her decision to undergo breast augmentation. “I apparently had the smallest breasts money could buy. They didn’t actually exist. They were special ordered,” she revealed.

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Seymour emphasized her belief in personal autonomy when it comes to cosmetic enhancements. “I think everyone should do whatever they want. OK? I’m an actress,” she explained.

Seymour revealed her beauty secrets: “Now when I want to look younger, I put on bangs… that’s my secret weapon. Nothing permanent.”

Seymour also shared the heartwarming story of how she crossed paths with her “extraordinary” boyfriend John Zambetti.

“I was very, very single. And a friend said, ‘You have to go out with me,’ and I said, ‘Look, I’m 73, I don’t think I’m going out or doing anything. “I’m done with boys, that’s not happening,” Seymour shared, reflecting on her initial reluctance to re-enter the dating world.

Despite her reservations, fate had other plans. Seymour recalled, “This guy walks past me” at a club in Malibu, California, during their night out. Little did she know that this fleeting moment would mark the beginning of something special.

“The next thing I know, a mutual friend of ours, a rapper named Shwayze, calls and says, ‘Hey, I’m performing there next week. Do you want to come along? I have someone I would like to introduce to you.’ “‘” Seymour continued.

Seymour explained: “So I go and Shwayze is doing his thing, and I’m there with Shwayze’s grandmother and this guy says, ‘I think we should get together.’ And I looked at him and said, “Yes, we are.” That’s the answer, right? I was told that I should meet someone.

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In an essay for Cosmopolitanis the digital edition “Sex After 60”. in January, Seymour revealed why the gender she has The relationship with her boyfriend is better than any other intimacy she has experienced in her four marriages and multiple relationships.

“Sex right now is more wonderful and passionate than anything I can ever remember because it is based on trust, love and experience,” Seymour wrote. “I know myself and my body now, and John has had his own experiences in his life – it’s not like being younger… The older I get, the more sex is based on emotional intimacy, on having that shared. “Ups and downs of living with someone – our feelings, our joys, our sadness, our shared passions and desires.”

“After 60, you realize that intimacy can be self-serving,” she added. “…Sure, affectionate touch changes depending on the physical abilities you have as you get older, but it’s certainly not something you give up just because you’re a certain age. Your Sex Life Doesn’t Have to End at 60 At the end of the day, everyone is looking for something to get blood flowing to a certain area. Well, you’ll be a happy camper (and bonus: you won’t get pregnant, right?)”

The Dr. Quinn, medicine woman Star acknowledged that there is “a stigma” around sex and aging, noting that some people give up physically, mentally and emotionally as they get older. However, she wrote that she realized that “life can only get better if you are open, mindful and you listen to your body and yourself.

“The crazy thing is I feel like I’m both experienced and 16 years old right now,” Seymour said posed for playboy when she was 67, wrote. “I really feel like sex and intimacy are better than ever at my age. I really mean that. And it was only when I was single after I got married that I learned that I didn’t have to disappear for sex and romance to work.”

Seymour and Zambetti went Instagram official in October, when Seymour wrote that she had “never been happier.”


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