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Jana Kramer Stars in Gaslit By My Husband: Watch the Trailer

Austin Nichols tells some serious lies Jana Kramer in the new trailer for Gaslighted by My Husband: The Morgan Metzer Story.

The Lifetime original film is based on the true story of Morgan Metzer, portrayed by Kramer, who was “gaslighted” for years by her abusive husband Rodney Metzer, culminating in Morgan being brutally attacked by a masked intruder who later turns out to be that’s what Rodney pointed out all the time.

The true crime trailer begins with Nichols, who plays Rodney, telling Kramer’s character how they have been together since they were 14, while footage of them in bed and in the hospital plays.

“I want you to know that I will take care of you,” he says.

Spoiler alert: He doesn’t.

When Morgan asks, “What’s wrong with you?” other videos refer to the past game of childhood sweethearts. This includes her holding baby clothes, representing how the couple loses their first child shortly after birth, but are overjoyed when they have twins a year later.

“We’ve been through a lot,” she continues of her husband, whom she married when she was just 21 years old.

The trailer shows scenes of a happy family life, but not everything is as it seems. Rodney becomes more controlling and asks Morgan important questions like: “Where have you been?” and “Are you unfaithful?”

He tells her, “I can’t trust you,” but in reality, he’s the one who can’t be trusted.

Tensions rise when Rodney loses his job and goes into debt. Rodney blames their arguments on Morgan’s drinking – even if she had just been drinking – and convinces Morgan that she pushed him down the stairs in an impotent fit of rage. The couple eventually separates and Morgan’s life begins to change until Rodney is diagnosed with cancer. Not long after, a masked intruder breaks into Morgan’s home and attacks her. Rodney shows up just minutes after the intruder disappears; When authorities question him, Rodney’s story doesn’t seem to add up.

Morgan begins to lose herself and her sanity as the trailer shows her attack and Rodney acting suspiciously, even pointing a gun in one frame.

“No one will ever believe you,” he says.

Does Rodney really have cancer and is he the hero he claims to be, or has he been pressuring Morgan for decades?

The roles are somewhat reversed for the reunification A tree hill Stars. At A tree hillNichols played Julian Baker, the beloved husband of Brooke Davis. Kramer portrayed Alex Dupré, a dull model and actress with an affinity for cocaine who attempted suicide after unsuccessfully pursuing Julian.

Kramer’s real-life daughter, Jolie Rae Caussin, also plays her on-screen daughter Amelia alongside J. Barrett Cooper, Denise Dal Vera and Maximo Sherman.

Written by Benjamin Anderson and directed by Lee Gabiana, the film is produced by Allegheny Image Factory for Lifetime. Jeffrey Tinnell produces and Robert Tinnell, Whitney White, Maritte Go and Jana Kramer serve as executive producers.

It’s fitting that Kramer produced and stars Gaslighted by My Husband: The Morgan Metzer Story because she spoke openly about domestic violence. She will be filming a new PSA for Lifetime’s Stop Violence Against Women initiative that aligns with the theme of this film.

The thriller will debut on Sunday, June 9, as part of Lifetime’s summer edition, “Ripping From The Headlines.”


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