Is StableFuel The Next Baked Beans? Fully Automated 8% Daily | by HookedonCrypto | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022 - Rvpg media

Is StableFuel The Next Baked Beans? Fully Automated 8% Daily | by HookedonCrypto | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

Many of us DeFi gambling junkies have earned many times our initial investment into The Baked Beans Miner

. It has been the most successful and profitable crypto miner thus far, and it is still running earning its investors stable daily passive income. One issue with Baked Beans is that using BNB as an investment medium is inherently unstable, as BNB has been on quite a rollercoaster in this current bear market. This makes the TVL move all over the place, and the rewards can be extremely unpredictable and, at times, disappointing. Using BUSD as an investment medium in a miner project makes a lot of sense in many ways, as the token price stays stable, despite market conditions. StableFuel could very well be the next long-term miner project that will pay out for many months in the future.

What makes StableFuel the next Baked Beans?

Stablefuel is clearly some sort of derivative (or Fork) of the Baked Beans Miner, which is also a fork of the OG BNB Miner, but there are a few differences that make StableFuel a potential contender for the best crypto miner out there.

StableFuel uses BUSD, and pays out in BUSD, therefore you are not subject to price fluctuations, like the 50% drop in value that some of us early investors in Baked Beans saw over time in our BNB investments. StableFuel has been developed by the team behind ArtemisX.Finance, a high APY Auto-Staking Token with BUSD Rewards, as well as RocketFuel, a successful BNB miner project. Therefore, StableFuel has been developed by a team with a reputation. This is an important aspect when investing in a new project. The developers are encouraging cross-contact involvement as well, giving current holders of ArtemisX a bonus return in StableFuel, of up to 12% a week. You can compound your earnings every 12 hours if you wish, although there is a 5% tax on each transaction.

Although Baked Beans relied on goodwill. Players were encouraged to compound for 6 days and then claim on the seventh day. Users that claimed rewards more often were penalized, but some users did not care and were comfortable with a 1% daily return once they got their initial deposit back. StableFuel takes a more aggressive stance. Investors are not given a choice, they must compound for 6 days straight before they can cash out on the 7th day. Waiting out your withdrawal will not help you much, as soon as day 7 hits, your earnings will be capped with diminishing returns. If you invest $250 or more, you can opt to have the protocol automate all compounding itself. Make a $250 investment, and a robot will auto-compound twice a day for 6 days and then claim on your behalf on Day 7. However, there is a 1% additional fee to use the auto-compounding bot.

Benefits if you hold $ArtemisX tokens:

Holding ArtemisX tokens gives extra bonuses in a tiered system (up to 12.1%). Each re-fuel will increase your multiplier bonus by the amount of the tier you are in. E.g. if you are on your 4th re-fuel and have 2000 ArtemisX tokens (Tier 5) you will have a re-fue; bonus of 4%. This bonus is reset when you claim.

*Tier 1: 150 $ArtemisX gives a stacking 0.1% re-fuel bonus with each re-fuel up to 1.1%
*Tier 2: 450 $ArtemisX gives a stacking 0.2% re-fuel bonus with each re-fuel up to 2.2%
*Tier 3: 650 $Artemisx gives a stacking 0.3% re-fuel bonus with each re-fuel up to 3.3%
*Tier 4: 1000 $ArtemisX gives a stacking 0.5% re-fuel bonus with each re-fuel up to 5.5%
*Tier 5: 2000 $ArtemisX gives a stacking 1% re-fuel bonus with each re-fuel up to 11%

An additional stacking 0.1% re-fuel bonus up to 1.1% is given as a loyalty bonus to anyone who holds over 1000 ArtemisX tokens. This loyalty bonus stacks with the above bonus tiers.

Extra referral bonuses based on the number of ArtemisX tokens held, increasing referral bonus to 9.2%!

Part of taxes will be used to buyback $ArtemisX and support the ArtemisX ecosystem

Earnings automation:

MINIMUM INITIAL DEPOSIT OF 250 BUSD REQUIRED! This does not have to be your first deposit as it adds your deposits together. You can enable/disable automation at any time, but it will reset your 6–1 progress.

Automation moments are done twice per day around 4.45 AM/PM GMT+2. When first enabling automation it will take up 12–23+ hours to sync up to the automation schedule, see the following examples:
1. You enable automation 1 hour after the previous automation moment: You will sync up to the automation schedule in 11+12 hours.
2. You enable automation 1 hour prior to the next automation moment: You will sync up to the automation schedule in 1+12 hours.

Automation will follow the 6+1 strategy: re-fueling for 6 days and claiming automatically on 7th with no withdrawal penalty or gas fees. All fully automatic, no input required. On your 7th day of automation your re-fuel multiplier timer will show 00:00:00 for 12 hours as your full daily rewards build up. Do not disable automation and manually claim on day 7 if you are automated as the current reward BUSD is sent automatically to your wallet.

To deposit additional BUSD after automation is enabled read this part of the F.A.Q..

Automation fee of 1% per re-fuel/claim

StableFuel DAPP

StableFuel FAQ

StableFuel Contract Address

StableFuel Security Audit

StableFuel Telegram Group

StableFuel Discord Group


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Remember that when using some High-Risk High Reward DAPPS, you cannot take your initial deposit out. Investing tokens into these projects is the equivalent of buying a certificate of deposit — your initial investment is locked up and inaccessible. You will receive continual rewards (passive income) which you can choose to withdraw or compound for as long as the project TVL (Total Value Locked) is sustained. You must pay a small GAS fee anytime you withdraw or compound your earnings.

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