Interview with Swapzone COO: How the Exchange Aggregator Survives Crypto Winter | by Swapzone | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022 - Rvpg media

Interview with Swapzone COO: How the Exchange Aggregator Survives Crypto Winter | by Swapzone | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022

Irina N, the COO of Swapzone exchange aggregator talked about the company’s plans and challenges, the crypto winter, Swapzone’s team, and her own attitude.

Crypto trading could be a challenge. Swapzone genuinely knows that and creates a time- and money-saving service helping both experienced traders and crypto newcomers buy and swap cryptocurrency at the best rates and the lowest fees possible. Conquering the crypto market from 2019 Swapzone is now facing the crypto winter with all of its challenges as any other Web3 participant. Irina N, COO of Swapzone, outlined the company’s plans and inner workings to reveal how the company continues to grow during this difficult period.

— Tell us about yourself and Swapzone? What does COO do in Swapzone?

— Swapzone is a dynamic and fast-growing company, and that’s incredible! I joined the project in March 2022 and immediately plunged into the team vibe. We are constantly working to improve the service for our customers. Beginning as an information resource on the most popular crypto deals, Swapzone is now an advanced tool providing its users with the best offers for 700+ crypto assets and thousands of exchange pairs. We are also actively developing our business department by building a referral program, that opens up additional sources of income for our clients and partners. As for the duties, I help my team use their knowledge and resources most efficiently, set the overall business and product direction of the project, and control business processes. I’m also responsible for financial performance, technical logic, and user satisfaction.

— What was your path in the world of crypto?

I was not a super devoted crypto investor, yet I had a small portfolio and was trading once in a while. Basically, I’m a good representative of one part of Swapzone’s audience — I searched for the best crypto deals but was always too busy to switch from exchange to exchange and eventually ended up with a random one.

Professionally, I was previously developing mostly e-commerce projects. Now it is very fascinating to plunge into the crypto market — a whole new world has opened up for me. Though my previous experience was not directly connected to crypto, that is mainly an advantage as it is always beneficial to adopt approaches from aligned spheres.

— What is the main difference between working in crypto and e-commerce?

— E-commerce is more about well-built sales processes and — when talking about commodity business — mainly uses internet- and email marketing. Crypto is more about the idea, and fintech in general is about making it easier for the user interacts with tools and services. At Swapzone we solve this exact problem — helping users save money, time, and personal data by aggregating the most compelling exchange offers in just one interface.

— How does the crypto-winter affect Swapzone?

— Now it would probably be difficult to find a crypto project that’s not affected by the crypto winter, trust in cryptocurrency decreased significantly, but we are actively using this time to improve our service. Our users stay with us and we are very grateful for such high loyalty. As for the exchanges, of course, we’ve experienced a slight decrease in exchange volume during the first part of June — the so-called crypto-crash month, however, some big currencies’ exchange pairs (for example BTC to ETH

) did not show any drop in exchange volume.

— What are the short- and long-term plans for the Swapzone development?

— Just recently we’ve made an important update — added a feature to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat, and we plan to add more fiat offers and partners supporting fiat payments in the nearest future. This means that our clients can, for example, buy BTC with USD now — also at the best rate without registration and verifications. As for the long-term development, we definitely have ideas to surprise our users with. What I get for sharing — multiple increases in the number of available coins and exchangers, without changing our main principles — ease of exchange, best rates, no registration, and 24/7 support.

— What qualities do you value in your team members?

— I shall be brief: open-mindedness, independence, ability to accept constructive criticism, no deception, and no fear of the new. We encourage experiments, follow market trends, and respect each other and our clients.

— A great success and a big challenge in Swapzone’s management so far?

— This spring we have been actively improving the referral API solution for our partners at Swapzone. In just two weeks we managed to accomplish what seemed impossible — now we have a super convenient tool providing a new way to earn extra money for crypto wallets, exchangers, coins, bloggers, and everyone who has any kind of own platform. Our solution includes a referral link, a widget (which can be embedded in 5 minutes), and a convenient API, adjustable to any flow.
As for the challenge — the recent Terra release has given us one. Swapzone was one of the first platforms to list both LUNA (Terra 2.0) and LUNC (Terra Classic). The listings followed the massive Terra crash so we did not expect any significant influx of users. Yet we were wrong, and the had some tough minutes servicing three times more users than we anticipated. Here I want to greet our developers’ team, which found a solution in minutes. Now we’re ready for the stir times better than ever.

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