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Intel Upgraded, Texas Instruments Initiated: Wall Street’s Top Analyst Calls

Intel upgraded, Texas Instruments initiated: Wall Street’s top analyst calls

The most talked-about and market-moving research calls around Wall Street are now in one place. Here are today’s research calls investors need to know, compiled by The Fly.

Top 5 upgrades:

  • Wolfe Research updated Intel (INTC) to “Peer Perform” from “Underperform” with no price target. With sentiment and expectations down and the stock down 38% year-to-date, the company has confirmed its cautious thesis.

  • Argus has been updated Wayfair (W) to Buy at Hold with a price target of $83. Home furnishings sales began the year weakly, but growth in orders and active users who made at least one purchase last year are expected to act as a catalyst for sales, the company told investors in a research note.

  • Vertical research updated 3M (MMM) to Buy from Hold with a price target of $140 (previously $92). The company still sees “a lot of uncertainty in the 3-month outlook” but believes the risk/reward ratio “is now trending significantly higher.”

  • Raymond James has upgraded GoodRx (GDRX) is expected to outperform the market with a price target of $10. The company says that while it has been “skeptical” of the GoodRx story over the past two years, new management has brought a new focus to the company that emphasizes creating a symbiotic relationship with its retail network has “stabilized far better than we did before”. expected.”

  • BofA upgraded Trupanion (TRUP) to Buy at Neutral with a price target of $49 (previously $35). The insurance industry is a cyclical industry and the company expects a period of underearnings to quickly transition to overearnings over the next 18 months.

Top 5 downgrades:

  • Benchmark downgraded Cirrus logic (CRUS) from “Buy” to “Hold” and removed the company’s price target on the shares. Although the company says it appreciates the new content growth at Apple (AAPL) and remains “optimistic” about the migration to laptops, it believes the current share price reflects these incremental material gains after the recent “beat and raising.” -The company’s results are reflected in the report.

  • Argus has been downgraded Valero (VLO) to “Hold” from “Buy”. The company’s lower first-quarter earnings reflected weaker performance in its refining business, which posted a 12% year-over-year decline in revenue, lower refining margins of 40% and weaker operating income of 57%, the company told investors in a research note.

  • Lake Street downgraded Innovative (NOTV) to “Hold” from “Buy” with a price target of $2 (up from $10). The company’s second-quarter revenue of $119 million was below consensus and the company withdrew revenue and AEBITDA guidance given its NHP challenges, the company notes, noting that the company disclosed in its 10-Q that a going concern warning would be issued if results did not improve.

  • Truist has been demoted Occidental Petroleum (OXY) to Hold from Buy with a price target of $69 (previously $84). The company forecasts minimal shareholder returns in the coming quarters as Occidental uses most of its free cash flow, along with proceeds from its $4.5 billion to $6.0 billion divestiture program, to reduce debt to under $15 billion. reduce dollars.

  • Truist has been demoted EOG Resources (EOG) to Hold from Buy with a price target of $136 (previously $163). EOG continues to indicate that it intends to stick to exploration rather than acquisitions, which will likely result in minimal near-term core additions, the company says, adding that it believes EOG is now more aligned with its peers should.

Top 5 initiations:

  • Wells Fargo began reporting on Texas Instruments (TXN) with an Underweight rating and a $150 price target. The “sales equivalent” rating reflects concern that Texas Instruments will not be able to meet its sales targets and associated utilization, the company told investors in a research note.

  • BofA has begun reporting SharkNinja (SN) with a Buy rating and a $90 price target, calling the company a “disruptive innovator” that he believes is poised to capture additional market share.

  • Barclays has resumed reporting on Truist Financial (TFC) with an Equal-Weight rating and a $43 price target. The insurance sale and repositioning of the bank’s securities increase net interest income, improve capital, allow for the resumption of stock repurchases and increase balance sheet flexibility, but the moves also reduce Truist’s diversification, fee income, profitability and valuation and restore risk management Ask. “says the company.

  • Piper Sandler initiated reporting on Quaker Houghton (KWR) with an Overweight rating and a $220 price target. While the company’s near-term growth is tempered by the macroeconomic environment, it has “multiple levers to drive upside potential,” the company tells investors in a research note.

  • HC Wainwright began reporting on Dianthus therapeutics (DNTH) with a Buy rating and a $40 price target. The company states that Dianthus’ lead candidate, DNTH103, is a highly potent human IgG4 monoclonal antibody that specifically targets the active form of C1s, an upstream protein that regulates the classical complement pathway.

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