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Indian Captain Rohit Sharma Names the Toughest Bowler He Has Ever Played Against

Rohit Sharma, one of India’s most accomplished cricketers, has left an indelible mark on international cricket. Since his debut in 2007, Rohit has developed into a batting powerhouse known for his elegance and consistency. Over the years, he has amassed over 15,000 runs in international cricket and featured prominently in both ODIs and T20Is. His remarkable ability to score big, highlighted by three double centuries in ODIs, sets him apart in the annals of cricket history.

Rohit Sharma was named the hardest bowler

In his illustrious career, the Indian captain has faced numerous world-class bowlers, but who made life difficult for the Nagpur-born cricketer? Well, in a recent chat, Rohit revealed that the South African is a fast bowler Dale Steyn is the toughest bowler he has faced in his career.

Known for his blistering pace and ability to swing the ball in both directions, Steyn is widely regarded as one of the greatest bowlers of the modern era. Over the course of his illustrious career, Steyn picked up an impressive 699 wickets across all formats, striking fear into the hearts of many batters.

Rohit shared that he prepared carefully for the game against Steyn by watching his videos around 100 times before stepping on the field. He praised Steyn’s exceptional skills, particularly his ability to combine speed with momentum, which made him an exceptionally challenging opponent.

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“I watched his videos about 100 times before I started batting. That was Dale Steyn. He is an absolute legend of the game. And what he has achieved in his career is simply amazing to see. And I have faced him many times. He is fast. He always swung the ball at that pace, which isn’t easy. It’s pretty hard. And he was a tough competitor. He just went out there wanting to do everything, win every game and every session, so it was nice to compete against him. I didn’t have much success against him, but I enjoyed my fights.” Rohit said in an interaction with Dubai Eye 103.8.

Dominance over Rohit

Steyn’s dominance was clearly evident in their encounters. In the second Test in Durban in 2013, Steyn dismissed Rohit for a golden duck and showcased his lethal bowling with variations that stunned the Indian batsman. In ODIs, Rohit has a strike rate of 63 against Steyn, highlighting the South African’s ability to contain even the best batters. In T20Is, Rohit managed to hit Steyn for a six in just four deliveries to come, highlighting the competitive edge in their matches.

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