Ikusa — Streetwear x Web3. Bridging streetwear fashion with Web3 | by Visatrav | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022 - Rvpg media

Ikusa — Streetwear x Web3. Bridging streetwear fashion with Web3 | by Visatrav | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

The Ikusa NFT project is “A Web3 streetwear brand inspired by anime and Japanese high fashion”, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Ikusa’s goal is to provide longevity to the NFT bubble, by creating value, and ending with bridging the gap from the physical world with web3.

They will complete this by becoming a global streetwear brand IRL, built on the ideas of web3, where ownership is shared, the impact is measurable, and their fashion is thought-provoking.

NFT Artwork

The inspiration for the NFT artwork came from the creator’s love of Anime. The artwork is visualised from Anime and Japanese culture, mix in highly detailed streetwear and we are presented with unique NFT artwork. This is not your typical PFP NFT project.

Colours are strong and vibrant, the characters evoke a stern emotion, and accessories are highly variable but inclusive of the overall theme. The pixel-perfect attention to detail in the artwork is impeccable and of course, the standout is the fashion that differentiates itself from other NFT projects. You will not find an Ikusa NFT that does not stand out, from the most common to the rarest traits. The NFT artwork pops out at you.

There are only 2222 Ikusa NFTs.

NFT Artwork by Kami-nø-hä


Ikusa’s IRL product is their streetwear drip which Ikusa NFT genesis holders get first access to. Their drip is a collection of limited-edition streetwear offered to an unrestricted audience at specific times and in limited quantities. The inspiration behind the collection comes from 90s urban retro Japanese street fashion. There are already examples of the latest drops soon to be released.

As of writing, they have already dropped examples of 6 fashion pieces that will be manufactured and sold IRL. Ikusa NFT genesis holders have access to these limited-edition streetwear drops.

Streetwear by Chrome Cat

Thoughts about Ikusa?

NFT projects that promise merch to their NFT holders are quite common, but do the team manifest these beautiful creations on their own? What differentiates Ikusa NFT web3 streetwear project against others is by bridging the gap between web3 and IRL with their in-house designed streetwear fashion line. The 90s urban retro Japanese inspiration behind all the streetwear pieces will be a driving point for the project. Once the streetwear drops, and a hurricane of attention gets around the Ikusa drip. Demand to become an Ikusa NFT holder will drastically grow.

The NFT artwork is bold and highly stylized, each NFT has its unique traits and stands up on its own as an eye-catching piece of art.

To be a holder of an Ikusa NFT is being an exclusive member of the hottest streetwear drops.

The team are transparent and actively communicating with NFT holders. Key team members will be found chatting in discord and they actively hold AMAs in Discord and/or Twitter spaces. Ikusa has everything required to become a global brand and stand out from the rest. Ikusa Airpods? Yes, please!


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