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I Can Finally Own a Manual Car Again! What Should I Buy?

Scott’s teenage daughter will soon be driving and taking his Volvo, meaning he can finally get a manual car after years of automatics. It has a modest budget but is open to sporty options with reasonable MPGs. Which car should he buy?

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Here is the scenario.

My daughter just turned 16 and will be getting her driver’s license in August. The current plan is to give her my current 2016 Volvo S60 and I’ll get something used but new to me. For the first 15 years of my driving life, I always had at least one manual transmission car that I could drive regularly. However, I have had automatic rowing boats in the 21st century and am keen to row my own again. My wife, who refuses to learn how to drive a manual transmission, has always insisted that my car be a car in case her car is unavailable (a situation that has happened perhaps twice in the last 20 years ). Since this will be our third car, I insist on a true 3-pedal manual transmission. No floppy paddles!!!

Now for the interesting part. There is a reasonable chance that our family will move to Europe, particularly the UK, in two to three years. So I don’t want to spend too much and I want something that won’t lose too much value over the next two years. Alternatively, a car that could be exported to the UK and serviced there without costing a small fortune.

To recap:

A manual transmission is a must!

Adequate fuel economy (e.g. 20 mpg or more in mixed use).

Sporty. Top speed/acceleration is not as important as handling.

It will be an everyday vehicle, so it will be reasonably reliable. I’m good with a wrench, but don’t have much time for tinkering.

As a budget, I’m aiming for around $15,000

Fast Facts:

Budget: around $15,000

Location: Austin, TX

Daily Driver: Yes

Want: MANUAL, sporty, reasonably reliable

Do not want: A gas guzzler

Expert 1: Tom McParland – Reasonable Reliable

Picture: Autotrader.com

Scott, I’ll let my colleagues offer this apparently Answer to the question “fun, manual car for $15,000” but let’s face it, if you wanted a Miata you would have just bought a Miata. So you’re probably looking for something a little more interesting. After years of driving a nice but boring Volvo, you need some excitement in your life.

Since you’ll likely be moving in a few years, this great car doesn’t have to last long forever You just have to last a relatively short time so you can live a little. Check out this 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Convertible. Yes, it’s an Italian car with a minor accident history, but it’s only ten thousand years old, has covered less than 55,000 miles, and has a fairly consistent service history. It’s also a lot of fun to drive, looks fantastic and makes great sounds. The small turbocharged engine can achieve up to 34 mpg on the highway, so you won’t have to spend much on fuel. These things can be a bit of a gamble, but sometimes that gamble pays off. It doesn’t have to last 10 years, just enough to make your system a fun car.

Expert 2: Collin Woodard – Budget Schmudget

2006 Honda S2000

photo: Extreme Autoplex

I understand, Scott. With a big move potentially on the horizon, spending a lot of money on a car feels a little counter-intuitive. However, the fact that you may need to sell your new car on relatively short notice means that you should consider purchasing a more expensive but easier car to sell. Also, as you mentioned, you want to buy something that won’t lose much in value over the next few years. I think we can offer you all of that and more if you’re willing to spend a little more to get something truly desirable.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Fiat 500 Abarth. It’s an absolute pleasure to drive around the city and even a quick shopping trip becomes an experience. I would only be concerned about resale value and reliability. So I recommend buying a much older Honda instead. Specifically a Honda S2000. You won’t find one in your price range, and if you do, it will probably be a disaster. Here’s one near you for just under $25,000Albeit with less than 90,000 miles.

For your money, you get a simple, reliable convertible that has plenty of power but still gets decent fuel economy thanks to its naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. As long as you live in the US, you’ll enjoy owning a dedicated sports car, and when it comes time to sell it, you can probably expect to get roughly what you paid for it. I just don’t think S2000 values ​​will drop much or at all in the next few years. Plus, Honda sold the S2000 in the UK, so in theory you could take it with you if you wanted. Perhaps. I am not an expert on importing cars into Old England.

Anyway, forget your budget, Scott. Buy the S2000. You will love every second you own it.

Expert 3: Andy Kalmowitz – One last American hurrah

Dodge Challenger R/T

Scott, first of all, don’t go to the UK. There is nothing of value for you there. OK, with that out of the way, here’s my suggestion. Man, what you need (like everyone else on this planet) is a Dodge Challenger with a freaking HEMI V8 engine under the hood. If you’re actually moving to the UK, the best way to enjoy your last taste of freedom is in the freest car of all: a Chllaenger R/T.

A car like this will tick all your boxes: it’s a really solid everyday driver with huge, comfortable seats, it has a pistol-grip manual transmission, the 5.7-liter Hemi engine is reasonably reliable, and fuel economy is just as bad as it gets You want it to be like this. Buddy, with a manual you are the engine computer. You drive this thing at near idle all day long and get the power and fuel economy you need. But it won’t stay that way for long. Freedom is calling and you will answer it with your V8 engine.

Because I’m so committed to the cause, Scott, I have found the perfect Challenger for you. It’s roughly in your area and has a very sleek black-on-black look with the important chrome wheels. The mileage on this 2012 model may be a little high, but who cares, man? You’ll be out of here soon anyway. Plus, it’s well under your $15,000 budget, so you’ll have room for maintenance and other bits and pieces. Scotty, you’re the last person in America who deserves a good car. You deserve a Dodge Challenger R/T

Expert 4: Lawrence Hodge – Pocket Rocket

2016 Ford Fiesta ST

Picture: M&F car sales

Personally, Scott, I think you need something that’s at home on both the vast highways of Texas and the streets of Europe – whenever you return there. That’s why I think you’d do well to grab a Ford Fiesta ST.

Deservedly one of the best hot hatch models of its time on the market and perfect if you’re looking for something fun to drive. These glasses are simply disposable. A turbocharged 197-horsepower I4 mated to a six-speed manual transmission in a just over 2,700-pound hatchback? It doesn’t get any better and probably never will again. Unfortunately, Ford is no longer interested in making such cheap fun items.

Luckily, these things are now so old that they are available at reasonable prices. If you’re willing to expect high miles, you can easily find them under $10,000. Even lower miles can be found within your price range. take that 2016 Fiesta ST I found it at a dealer in New Mexico. It has just over 42,000 miles and they only charge $15,550 for it. And I bet you could even talk her down.

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