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How to Watch the Documentary “The Beach Boys” Online – Stream Now

Liverpool had the Beatles and the States had the equally legendary Beach Boys.

In one of their many hits, the Beach Boys asked, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older?” Well, now they are, and it’s time to share the highs and lows that this legendary band has been through. Former and current members of the beloved band, whose sound consists of elements of pop, rock and jazz, sit down to share their experiences in the new Disney+ documentary The Beach BoysThe premiere of the documentary will take place on Streaming service on Friday, May 24th.

The band originally consisted of brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love and their friend Al Jardine. In the 1960s, the Beach Boys rose to fame with their revolutionary harmonies and catchy songs. Disney’s documentary The Beach Boyscontains previously unreleased footage celebrating the band as well as new interviews with the original members Brian WilsonLove and Jardine as well as David Marks and Bruce Johnston, who were also members of the group.

Brian Wilson, now 81 years old, attended a special premiere to see the documentary on Tuesday, May 21. During the screening, he said received a standing ovation From the crowd.

In April, Wilson’s daughter Carnie Wilson spoke to ET about her father: “He’s getting older now, but he still has that spirit. He’s like a bull, that man is so strong,” she said. “He’s the strongest person I’ve ever met, and he’s sweet and sensitive at the same time and he’s fragile, but he’s strong, so music keeps him alive.”

We know that every Beach Boys fan – or any fan of music history – will want to see this The Beach Boys Documentary. Read on to find out everything you need to know to stream the film at home.

When The Beach Boys Documentary premiere?

The Beach Boys Streaming of the documentary begins on Friday, May 24, 2024.

Where is The Beach Boys Streaming?

The biographical film The Beach Boys will be streamed exclusively on Disney+.

Watch on Disney+

How to watch The Beach Boys on-line:

To watch, you need a subscription to the Disney streaming platform Disney+ The Beach Boys Documentary. Subscribers also get access to Disney classics, Pixar films, National Geographic content, access to Star Wars and Marvel libraries, and the Oscar-winning documentary by the Beatles from the 1970s, which Disney recently re-released for streaming.

Watch on Disney+

Disney+ plans start at $8 per month, but additional subscribers can add a Hulu Subscribe for even more streams.

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Who appears in The Beach Boys Documentary?

The influence of the Beach Boys, who changed the music industry with sounds and melodies never heard on the radio before, is enormous. The documentary interviews major figures in the industry who were influenced by the band. These include interviews with Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, artist Janelle MonaeFrontman of OneRepublic Ryan Tedder and Don Was, producer of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Garth Brooks, John Mayer and many more.

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