How to Create Internet Identity | Explore the Internet Computer Ecosystem | by TheCryptoKK | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022 - Rvpg media

How to Create Internet Identity | Explore the Internet Computer Ecosystem | by TheCryptoKK | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022

Wonder to explore the Internet Computer Ecosystem? Here is a step-by-step guide to create Internet Identity! Go through with you how to create your Internet Identity and try it out on IC platforms.

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The Internet Identity blockchain authentication system enables you to sign insecurely and anonymously to dapps on the Internet Computer. For example, your Internet Identity can be used to log in to the Network Nervous System app (NNS), where you can store and stake ICP and participate in the governance of the Internet Computer.

  1. Train your aesthetic and accumulate experience.

The coin price of ICP has fallen by 99%, from 700U at the peak to the current 8.21U and ecology has not yet experienced explosion. ICP received a lot of accusations because of its incomplete Web3 model.

However, the team is always active on Medium and Github, meaning that the products are continuously developed and iterated with the growing of the ecosystem.

Interacting with a project does not necessarily need to purchase its token sometimes. The more important thing is to train our aesthetic for a basic perception of good projects.

2. Strong underlying technology with huge potential

One of the most important principles to keep in mind is that the Internet Computer is a blockchain that allows running software in a distributed, replicated way.

When you write source code for a dapp that runs on the Internet Computer, you compile the source code into a WebAssembly module. When you deploy the WebAssembly module that contains your program on the Internet Computer blockchain, the program is executed inside a conceptual computational unit called a canister, or canister in short.

Once deployed, end-users can interact with the canister by accessing the entry point functions you have defined for that canister through a frontend client such as a browser.

As a disruptive innovation technique, once it cools down, the explosion will come.

3. Suitable for a bear market.

Currently, not too many people pay attention to it, and there is no project issued coins. So it’s very suitable for deep experience and participation in the bear market.

Note: To create an Internet Identity, you will need a device with a security authentication feature or a biometrics fingerprint or face ID.

Step 1: Go to

Open a supported browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). Go to Click on create a new Internet Identity Anchor

Step 2: Enter your device’s name (e.g., “iPhone 12pro”).

Then click create.

Step 3: Select your choice of authentication method.

Authenticate either with your security key, smart phone passcode or locking option, or a biometrics fingerprint or face ID.

After authentication you will see this page meaning that you need to wait for a minute.

Step 4: Confirm registration.

You will be provided with your Internet Identity number. Note the number, and save the number somewhere secure.

Step 5: Set up account recovery.

You will be directed to a warning page that asks you to set up account recovery. Continue and choose your recovery option. You can select either seed phrase and/or a security key.

Press continue again, and you’re done.

Using Internet Identity, we can have access to many projects of IC. Here we take Yumi as an example, which is a high-speed, low-cost, and fully decentralized NFT marketplace built on IC.

Go to Yumi, sign in with your Internet Identity.

After successfully login, we will see this page showing the account ID, which is our address, and the principal ID, which is a unique ID on IC.

And you can check your interested NFTs on the platform. Such as Mora Planet, it shows that it has issued 9999 NFTs divided into 5 series.

You can search for other hot NFTs or try other platforms on IC to interact with.

As always, DYOR.

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