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How the Fight Against Cancer Led to a New Solution for Patient Care | Entrepreneur

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For this exciting episode of The Founder CEO, I had the privilege of interviewing Michael O’Neil, Founder and CEO of GetWellNetwork. Michael shared the extraordinary founding story of GetWellNetwork, which was born out of his personal battle with cancer. We talked about his evolution as a business leader, his work with high-impact investors, and the transformative role of AI in personalized healthcare. Michael’s insights on navigating the complexity of the healthcare system and the profound impact of patient engagement technology are truly inspiring. Don’t miss this dynamic conversation that sheds light on the future of healthcare.

Watch the full video interview with the founder and CEO here and check out the food stalls below.

1. Founding and development of GetWellNetwork

  • Personal fight against cancer: Michael O’Neil was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma while pursuing his JD MBA at Georgetown.
  • Idea conception: The concept for GetWellNetwork was sketched on a napkin during a hospital stay.
  • Initial challenges: Limited initial funding; only $1 million raised for four years for a small team.
  • Growth journey: Transitioning from survival based on instinct and passion to integrating data-driven decision-making.
  • Investor Relations: Raised venture capital, completed several recapitalizations and managed investor expectations and pressure.

2. Challenges and innovations in the healthcare system

  • Wrong incentives: Financial models in the healthcare system often lead to inadequate care for patients with lower reimbursement.
  • Justice in healthcare: Eliminate inequalities, such as higher mortality rates among black women, through targeted programs and patient engagement tools.
  • Role of AI: Using AI for precision medicine and engagement, personalizing treatment plans, and improving patient adherence.
  • Patient involvement: GetWellNetwork’s tools improve patient care by providing personalized, digital experiences and supporting the efficiency of care teams.

3. Leadership and organizational growth

  • Leadership development: Michael’s journey from passionate founder to data-driven CEO balancing innovation and commercialization.
  • Talent Management: Recognizing the need to develop the team as the company grows, anticipating strategic and talent needs.
  • Cultural values: The focus is on cheering each other on, sharing openly, striving for world-class standards and valuing diversity.
  • Stay true to the mission: Despite the changing investor landscape and business pressures, we continue to focus on our core mission of helping people actively shape their path to better health.
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