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HopSkipDrive Releases New Product Updates to Improve Customer Experience

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With updates to the RideIQ platform, organizers can more precisely determine pickup and drop-off locations and pause drivers when necessary

LOS ANGELES – HopSkipDrive today announced additional accuracy and functionality features for its care-focused transportation marketplace, allowing school district users to determine accurate pickup and drop-off locations to minimize confusion in the car line and disrupt planning a trip.

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The new location pins and Paused Rider updates are now available to customers in more than 600 school districts, nonprofits and government agencies working with HopSkipDrive, a technology company that solves complex transportation challenges with increased needs for safety, equity, and more . there is care.

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“The administrators and transportation professionals who manage school pickup and drop-off operations know far too well the importance of giving caregivers and drivers a comprehensive understanding of navigating locations,” said Corey McMahon, Chief Product Officer of HopSkipDrive . “The school drop-off and pick-up process can sometimes be complicated and chaotic, especially on large school campuses. With many different vehicles converging in the same location at the same time, it is important for drivers to have accurate location information so they know exactly where to go to ensure safe and timely driver drop-off and pickup.”

About location pins: These adjustable pins ensure utmost precision, allowing organizers to identify exact pickup and drop-off locations without relying on lengthy descriptions. Additionally, these pins provide verified CareDrivers with a detailed map to follow when taking a driver to and from school or another location. This new feature will optimize the driving experience by minimizing confusion in the car line, speeding up the pickup and drop-off process, and helping to ensure CareDrivers get to the correct pickup location.

About Paused Rider: This new feature eliminates the need to recreate or create transportation plans when a customer is dealing with a change in route or other disruption to a student’s transportation needs. School transportation teams that manage the flow of students requiring rides to and from school can now easily pause a passenger’s rides for a set period of time or indefinitely and resume rides within seconds, without having to reset their mode of transportation with each change having to build.

Together, these updates allow customer organizers to easily access important information, ensuring smoother and safer journeys for passengers.

“Our latest updates to HopSkipDrive’s RideIQ platform reflect our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” said McMahon. “We are excited to introduce these enhancements to RideIQ that will increase efficiencies for our valued partners in the education and non-profit sectors.”

About HopSkipDrive

HopSkipDrive is a technology company solving complex transportation challenges where there is increased need for safety, equity and care. HopSkipDrive’s marketplace organizes care-focused transportation in 13 states and Washington, DC, and complements other transportation options by connecting children, older adults or anyone who needs additional support with highly vetted caregivers on wheels such as grandparents, babysitters and nurses. HopSkipDrive also develops software and provides consulting services to solve the biggest transportation challenges facing schools and school districts across the country, including budget cuts, bus driver shortages and meeting climate goals. HopSkipDrive currently works with school districts, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, including supporting more than 10,000 schools. Since the company was founded in 2014 by three working mothers, HopSkipDrive has provided more than three million rides covering 61 million miles.

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