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Here’s More Evidence That Tesla Faked Its Cybertruck in Comparison. Porsche 911 Drag Race

When Tesla showed how the Cybertruck chased a Porsche 911 around a drag strip while towing another Porsche 911, anyone who knew anything about cars was a little, well, skeptical. As more information came out and YouTubers have taken deep dives whether the results are displayed or not Tesla were actually possible, it turns out this probably wasn’t the case. However, now we have even more evidence to support this Teslas Video (although it was a brilliant piece of marketing) was in fact a bit (read: completely) fugazi.

The people over there MotorTrend decided to put CEO Elon Musk and put Tesla’s claims to the test by recreating drag racing. They got two of the slowest Porsche 911 you could buy – 911 Carrera Tsa borrowed 845 hp Cybertruck Cyberbeast from that Out of Spec Reviews YouTube Channel and even got the exact same Futura Club Sport aluminum trailer used in Tesla’s stunt. What they found is, well, this Cybertruck Towing a 911 T is simply not as fast on a dragstrip as a normal 911 T with a manual transmission. In fact, it’s not even particularly close.

Here’s something MotorTrend found after six quarter-mile drag races:

In the first run, the Porsche managed 12.5 seconds at 115.6 mph, while the Tesla followed in 12.7 seconds at 105.2 mph. As the Porsche driver refined his start over the next few runs, the 911 shaved 0.3 seconds off the time. The Cybertruck only recorded a faster ride, which was a marginal improvement of 0.02 seconds. If we pick the fastest Cybertruck drive and the slowest 911 drive – the best possible scenario for Tesla – the beast still crosses the finish line 0.229 seconds behind the Porsche. (All of our drag race results have a 1-foot rollout removed per drag racing convention, but in the spirit of honest head-to-head racing, we did not make a weather correction.) The table below shows the quarter Mile times for all six runs, and if that doesn’t prove it to you, check out the photo gallery for the receipts – Famoso Dragstrip’s official timesheets.

The Cybertruck vs. Porsche 911 Drag Race Tesla Didn’t Show You | MotorTrend

A few weeks after Musk made the original quarter-mile claim, [Jason] Fenske posted a video on his YouTube channel, Engineering Explained, revealing that Tesla had only shown an eighth of a mile race. Cybertruck lead engineer Wes Morrill responded by confirming that Tesla never actually ran the quarter-mile race, but still confirmed the original claim. “The fastest 1/8-mile CT towing success that day was 7.808 seconds at 88 mph and the trailer’s tires were only rated for 80 mph, so we decided to call it a day before someone was injured,” he wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “Our simulations showed the entire 1/4-mile race would be close, but with the same net result, so no reason to risk it.”

[Cybertruck lead engineer Sam] Morrill also claimed that Tesla’s video did not show the Cybertruck driving the fastest. We’re not sure if that’s true, but we can say with certainty that Tesla didn’t show the fastest possible run of the Porsche 911 Carrera T. In four of six MotorTrend drag races, the Porsche 911 Carrera T beat the Cybertruck by the eighth-mile mark. The Porsche 911 Carrera T pits the best runs against each other, crossing the eighth mile in 7.9 seconds at 91.4 miles per hour. The Cybertruck does it in 8.1 seconds at 86.7 mph.

OK, to be fair Cybertruck, it was apparently faster off the line. That makes sense. Starting an electric vehicle is very easyAnd it’s quite difficult to bring a manual transmission sports car to market – even on the best surfaces. However, that is Cybertruck only considers his advantage seven feet. After that it will 911 Carrera T takes off and doesn’t look back.

MotorTrend and Fenske even went to the trouble of carefully weighing the drivers (and their helmets), all three cars and the trailer to ensure the results were as fair as possible. They also equipped the cars with them VBox data loggerand these showed that the 911 T was faster than that Cybertruck no matter how you split the data. Now of course without outside help Cybertruck will kick the absolute crap out of a base 911 T, but that wasn’t Elon’s claim, so it doesn’t matter, right?

That’s enough to bother me. Go over to MotorTrend Complete the full breakdown of this test and soak in the data.

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