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Google’s Android Automotive OS Update Brings Angry Birds, Max and Peacock Apps – Casting Support Added –

At this year’s Google I/O, the company announced a series of updates to Android for Cars, covering both Android Automotive OS, the platform for integrated infotainment systems, and Android Auto, the phone mirroring app.

Before we get into the details, Google announced that there are currently over 200 million cars on the road that are compatible with Android Auto. Almost 40 car models now offer the built-in Google feature – you can find this feature on Volvo vehicles sold in Malaysia.

Most of the announced updates focus on Google’s integrated infotainment system, with select cars getting new streaming apps like Max (HBO) and Peacock. The Angry Birds game will also be introduced, expanding the entertainment options users have access to.

Another development is the upcoming launch of Google Cast in cars running Android Automotive OS, starting with Rivian, with more to come. Already included in other products such as smart TVs and Chromecast, this feature allows users to easily cast video content from a phone or tablet directly to the car while parked.

As for Android Auto, Google says it now has an Uber driver app that allows drivers to accept rides and deliveries and get detailed directions on a larger screen. At the beginning of the year, the company announced that it would also add AI-powered functions to Android Auto.

For developers, there are new tools that make it easier to create new apps and experiences for Android Auto, including the Car Ready Mobile Apps program, designed to accelerate the rollout of mobile apps in cars without additional effort.

Google's Android Automotive OS update brings Angry Birds, Max and Peacock apps - casting support added

Apps and experiences are also categorized into new quality levels based on their level of integration and adaptability. The first stage is known as “auto-differentiated” and represents the best that is possible in cars. The apps at this tier are specifically designed for use on a variety of hardware components in cars and can customize their experience in driving and parking modes.

The second tier is “auto-optimized” and covers most apps available in cars today. These apps have vehicle-specific technology and include functions that can be used in driving or parking mode, depending on the app category. Finally, there are “Car Ready,” apps that may not have car-specific features but are compatible with large screens in cars.

Google also provided developers with a handy spreadsheet to help them determine which app categories are currently open and to accept app submissions for both Android Auto and cars with Google built-in.

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