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Glen Powell’s Parents Playfully Troll Him at the Premiere of “Hit Man.”

Glen Powell with his parents. Sergio Flores/AFP/Getty

Glen Powell He may be one of Hollywood’s fastest-rising leading men, but his parents know how to keep him humble.

The actor’s parents playfully trolled him at the premiere of his new Netflix film. killerat the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, May 15.

While Powell, 35, posed for photos, his parents Cyndy And Glen Powell Sr. were seen standing behind him and holding up cardboard signs to tease the star.

“Stop trying to make Glen Powell a reality,” his mother’s sign read. His father held up a sign that said, “This will never happen.”

Glen Powell's parents playfully troll him at the premiere of

Glen Powell and this family attend the Netflix premiere of “Hit Man” in Austin. Rick Kern/Getty

Powell’s Hollywood stock has risen in recent years with roles in Top Gun: Maverick and the romantic comedy Everyone but you Co-star Sydney Sweeney. killerMeanwhile, the film premiered to great acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival last year.

But it seems Powell’s parents are making sure his success doesn’t go to his head.

“Well, my family – always my mom and dad – have been known to troll me a bit,” he said Entertainment tonight at the premiere.

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Powell said the signs his parents held were inspired by mean-spirited posts about him on X.

“I don’t read tweets, but my parents read tweets – so if you talk shit, you know my parents read those tweets,” he added AND.

Despite the public criticism, Powell says his parents truly love him.

“They thought it was a fun idea, so I liked it,” he said AND. “Even though they troll me, they support me in every way.”

Powell and his mother Cyndy made headlines back in February when the actor revealed that Cyndy keeps him grounded by criticizing his looks on the red carpet.

“I think it’s probably because of my outfits,” he told E! News. “You know you go for fashionable moments every now and then, like when she rips my collar open and keeps trying to pull my collar down. She says, ‘Glen, you know, might look a little stupid.'”

“And I think, ‘Well, Hollywood is pretty stupid sometimes.’ That’s what we do here,” Powell added.

Powell shared the article on X and joked: “Does anyone have any good recommendations for nursing homes? I feel like it’s time.”

Powell has two big films on the horizon. killerleaded by Richard Linklater will premiere on Netflix on June 7th and Powell will appear alongside in July Daisy Edgar Jones in the blockbuster Twister.

“It’s Glen’s night, it seems to be Glen’s summer. Could be Glen’s year,” Linklater said AND At the killer Premiere.

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